Monday, February 1, 2016

friends christmas exchange 2015

posting these a little late but I wanted to make sure I had them
here in this little space. a yearly tradition, my closest friends and their families get together for brunch
and our children exchange gifts for each other. I think this is our third (?) year doing this.. my kids
look forward to this every year.

this year felt different.. in a good kind of way. I tried to clear my schedule that first week of December so that I would have more time to enjoy the season with my family. I wanted to really, really take in this advent season, to slow down and be with my kids without stressing out over shopping or decorating or anything else. we did all those 
things that we wanted to do together. 
it was lovely. 
I created a small holiday folder (an idea from another blog friend) that has recipes we used, ideas, thoughts, notes for the following year and little scribbles of notes that I didn't want to forget. each year I'll add to it and maybe pass it on to my kids. 
well, that's the idea anyways.. so we'll see :)


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Barbara Vela said...

I love the yearly idea of the holiday folder. I Was doing something similar but didn't think of the recipes, which is a very cute touch!