Thursday, December 24, 2015

christmas eve

so much gets lost  in the hustle and bustle of the busy season.. 
it's hard to carve out that time for Advent. words do not come easily to me 
but I read this one evening and it resonated so deeply with's exactly what has been stirring in my heart..

"it's getting closer. can you feel it? do you feel him moving, stirringinside of you? 
stretching, pushing against you? do you feel his life growing
larger and stronger, more complete ready to be born? these are the
days we are expecting. waiting for Jesus who HAS come, and WILL come again.
this ever present, ever coming God is continually conceiving life in his people, expanding them, and delivering redemption in this world. 
don't miss it among the twinkly lights.
look past the brown paper packages tied up with string to see His good
and perfect gifts that come down from the Heavenly lights.
drape garlands of grace wherever you go. and may your O Come Let us Adore Him be louder,
more passionate than your O Christmas Tree."
-@environmentsofgrace on IG

taking a deep breath and enjoying these moments..


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