Monday, November 30, 2015

with a thankful heart (thanksgiving 2015)

so much to be thankful for this season.
while this thanksgiving was a little more low-key than previous times, I actually welcomed it.
it's been an interesting year around here.. and I just needed it to be stress-free and calm. 
and my sister (who knows me so well, bless her heart) only required that I bring dinner rolls for thanksgiving dinner. 
we missed those family members that couldn't make it and know that we'll see each other soon enough.
this little quote spoke to my heart this season:

"There is a healing quality to Thanksgiving. It strengthens and restores relationships by correcting our perspective." -Kimberly Baltzley

(Kicking myself for not taking more pictures, my camera has been quite for way too long)

 Christmas is right around the corner and so is Camila's 3rd birthday. 
crazy, right? 

December is going to be so much fun :)


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