Saturday, June 20, 2015

oh, my heart.

three different babies born within months of each other..
my best friend had her baby (pictured below) followed by my baby sister who had her first baby.
I need to say that again so that my brain is able to process it.. my baby sister had a baby.
that's just crazy to me and it makes me feel so much older.. but my gosh. it makes me so happy my heart could burst. 

(my little sister with her little one)

and then... because my poor little heart hasn't been through enough, 
another one of my sisters added another baby to her bunch (her fourth!). no picture of that little one because I haven't seen him yet.. 
but soon. 
soon enough I'll be there and get to snuggle them right up.

the realization that I won't have any more babies has been difficult for me. I know that it's
what is best for our family - I've said it before and I'll say it now.. four is a good number for us.
but still, when I see these sweet ones I think.. that maybe, just maybe, five would have been as well.
well, at least there are plenty of babies to hold if I ever do miss having one, right? :)

may each of these sweet darlings know how much their auntie already loves them. xoxo

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