Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 on 10 - June edition

oh hi summer, it's so nice to have you here..we are so glad to have you around!

while this time is a busy season for others, for us it's a time to recharge
and spend it with family and friends. 
we try to keep it as easy as possible - crockpot or bbq dinners that we enjoy out in 
our front yard on a blanket with neighbors, swimming and the occasional out of town day activity.

it's during this time that I feel like I can finally take a deep breath. I try to create a schedule that 
doesn't overwhelm me and definitely do not over-commit myself to a lot. 
I do that well enough throughout the year that I try not to do it during the summer.
so far, it's working really well for us.  

this day it was: 

-a slow morning and an easy breakfast of eggs
-a little girl that breaks out in a dance when she sees herself in a mirror (at old navy)
-moments from the quietness of nap time
-swimming and swimming and more swimming. at 2.5 years old Camila loves the water and has taken to it so well. this swim floaty thing she has on - it's been such a Godsend.
-outdoor evenings with our neighbors - the perfect way to end our day
-little discoveries found in a bike (like a little pink marker that she knows she is not suppose to use)
-water play outside
and finally, a quiet house.

Shannon has joined our blog circle!
linking up to her 10 on 10 post this time around and taking a peek at a day in her life :)



Alexis said...

I really love your ideas of summer!! As always I love your perspectives too. Taking simple photos of your house that are creative. I just do not have that knack!! LOL I love the joy of your girl at Old Navy dancing. It is so cute. I am glad to see your post this month!!!:)

Barbara Vela said...

I loved these photos, how nice and calm you make it all feel.