Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 on 10 - March edition

The Unclouded Day by Audra Mae on Grooveshark

(need some music while you read? my new favorite song right now, the intro is a
 little long but the song is worth it)

this little space has been neglected for far too long. I looked back
at my previous entry and couldn't believe my eyes that it was back in October of last year.

how in the heck did that happen??

life just got really busy and I'm usually able to roll with it but this winter was tough.
it seems like someone in this house has been sick like every week.
I vaguely (through the fog of it all) remember a week last month when I had
two separate phone calls, on different days, from the school nurse asking me to pick up my children because they weren't feeling good.
I already had a child recovering at home and I just thought, "enough is enough"...
so I made some changes around here as far as preventative care.
crossing my fingers and toes that we don't catch anything else because I may just pick
up and move away every winter. preferably to somewhere it's nice and warm all year long :)


ten on ten project  - a photography project where on the 10th day of every
month we take 10 pictures throughout the day of our day... we post the pictures up and
link up with the other girls in our photography circle.

the girls in my photography cirlce have been so patient.. they are just lovely.
they welcomed me back and even forgive me when I post daysssss after the project is due (which is on the 10th of every month).

this ten on ten project is made possible by healthy kids and sunshine:

- a little one escaping out to the backyard. she doesn't ask for permission, she just
goes out there whenever she wants to. because when the sun is out, you go out and enjoy
the heck out of it.. in your pj's :)

-vegetable garden has been readied and some blooms have been plated.
spring, we are ready for you.

- coloring time. which means the table and everything else gets colored on.

- lunch. shoes, shoes and more shoes (everywhere) the a sink full of dishes.

- sisters waiting for their brother to get out of soccer practice

- practicing her spelling words.. in Spanish thankyouverymuch

- and my favorite place to be. 

thank you for following along as we get through these rough patches..

head on over and visit Alexis and Jessica as they show share their 10 on 10 project... it looks like we've got a new member next month joining us as well! (happy dance)

have a wonderful week! xo

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