Monday, October 13, 2014

10 on 10

you know, sometimes it's just not meant to be.
I woke up the morning of the tenth determined and ready to take the hourly pictures.. I knew
it was going to be a busy day but I thought I'd still be able to get it done.
boy, was I wrong. 
there I was at 6pm, still in my skirt,
with a baby on my hip, watching all the kids playing out front.
I was just exhausted - the busy-ness of the week had caught up with me and so I just made the executive decision to just be ok with not being able to take my pictures.

(there are seriously no words to describe just how dirty these kids were this evening. 
I had to scrub the bath tub several times that night)

so, while I'm sad I wasn't able to complete this months project I also realize this is real life.
a grumpy baby
dirty faces
and plans that sometimes go awry.
I'm in the thick of it right now - the glorious days of motherhood with a sweet one
in my arms and little ones who are busy enjoying the heck out of life. 

so, I'll try again next month and hope for the best :)



Alexis said...

Hugs!! I COMPLETELY LOVE this. It may not be as planned, but it is the life of motherhood. These photos are perfect. The light:)

Jessica Kubit said...

Awww, your photos are so sweet! I love them. I also love that you were honest and you tried:-)