Thursday, September 25, 2014

the mother of all 'end-of-summer' posts (part 1)

summer of 2014, you were indeed so sweet and full and lovely.

we enjoyed the sun, being in each others presence and the small simple everyday pleasures 
that can only be enjoyed during summertime - like lounging on the couch, watering our plants in the morning or getting wet on the slip 'n' slide.  

this summer, I really wanted to slow down. I tried not to over-commit to a lot of things 
so that we would be able to just have time to be with one another and not have to stress
out about getting somewhere on time. we created a small little routine of sorts - 
mornings out in the backyard watering our plants and our garden, followed by some chores and then some free time while the baby slept. 

after lunch, you'd find out little family near some body of water because it was hotter than hades outside. we would get back to the house tired, hungry and ready to just sit and relax for a bit. and we would do just that. 

afternoons were just so nice and quiet.. the baby would nap and the older kids would play quietly or watch a movie. these pictures bring back feelings of peace and contentment because that's how my heart felt at the time. 

evenings were almost always spent outside, in our front yard. more often than not, around dinner time, one of our neighbors would suggest grilling up some chicken or burgers and then all of a sudden it would turn into a pot-luck style bbq with our sweet neighbors. 

this post took me so long to create. gathering the pictures, editing and then re-creating our summer.. as seen through my eyes. but it was so important to document it. for me. for my kids. 
so, here it is. part 1.. with part 2 to come at some point (hopefully soon). 

grab a cup of coffee or some chocolate..
want some music while you scroll? i've added one right there at the side bar...

and if you get through it all without yawning, then you deserve an award :) 


Alicia Hutchinson said...

your photos are always my favorite. I need you here to photograph US! love your summer.

Kelly said...

I need you to teach me how to use my camera. These photos are gorgeous. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful summer.

Christina Schergen said...

your summer looked lovely! i love all your photos!!

Amy Lynne said...

Such beautiful memories!

Jessica Kubit said...

Flor, I'm just stopping by after looking at your 10 for 10 to say these photos are AMAZING! I love that you put them all into one blog post and I love that you keep your theme consistent EVERY time you take a photo. Light, airy, and gorgeous! Very well done!