Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 on 10 - September edition

 i'm not sure how it happened, but all of our activities happen to have fallen on wednesdays this season. bible study, tutoring, ballet, soccer, Awanas - all of it, in one day. I guess it's better to get them all over with in one day rather than having to do them all week long but it sure does make for a really long day.

the key, I've figured out, is to prepare as much as possible the night before. I have to 
get all of our clothes out, the diaper bag needs to be packed, ballet clothes and soccer uniform must be laid out, lunches and snacks prepared and a prayer for patience and calm needs to be lifted up. the good news is that I survived.. and the bad news? I didn't drink enough caffeine in the morning to get me through it all :)

I give you the-busiest-day-of-the-week in pictures::

-Home Depot for some supplies (and I almost walked out of there with a fiddle fig leaf tree but didn't want to leave it in a hot car. but next time, it's coming home with me).
-bible study essentials
-lunch. my lunch. gone in about 5 seconds.
-home from school
-blooming gladiolas
-a new instrument in the house
-leaving the 'tutor's' house (who is actually a good friend)
-ready for ballet an hour early.
-soccer fun
- after bath snuggles (which is rare because she is such a busy bee).

honestly, if it hadn't been for this project, I would have left my camera at home..
and then I would have regretted it all day long. so glad I did this. 

thanks for visiting and taking a look.
follow along and visit Alexis and Jessica as they share glimpses of their day (Jodi is taking a break this month).  hope you have a wonderful day. xoxo

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Jessica Kubit said...

Gorgeous photos Flor! You have the most amazing hair and do you dress like that every day??? Simply beautiful. Love your perspective this month!