Monday, August 11, 2014

10 on 10 - August edition

I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but here we are in August already.. my, how time flies. 
our days have been busy and it's hard for me to believe that my kids
start school in a week (!!).

this week has found us busy within the walls of our own home. my husband was on vacation and decided to work on our master bedroom. I came home on Wednesday afternoon from 
running errands and discovered that he had torn out all the carpet from 
my entire master bedroom, the master bathroom, our closet AND the upstairs hallway.
(there are no words to describe the look on my face when I walked in and saw was definitely a 
what-the-heck-just-happened moment).

so he's been busy tearing up and hammering and installing stuff for me, while I've been busy painting.
thanktheLord it's all over with.. so now it's just a matter of organizing everything.
some thoughts:
the room feels a little bare right now.. and I'm absolutely loving it.
beautiful afternoon light coming through the windows - Lord, thank you for that simple pleasure.
color coordinating the clothes in your closet is where it's at.
the girls room - a constant work in progress.. I need to just leave it alone and stop 
changing things around.
new backpacks. new school supplies. new school year.
my girls - one likes to relax and the other (the baby) can't seem to sit still.
this book is pretty amazing. I've only just started it and it makes me want to cry with how sweet it is.
the most amazing sunset this evening - pictures just don't do it justice.

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Alexis said...

I know you probably freaked out that your husband did that, but I WOULD LOVE it if my husband did something similar. It takes alot to get him motivated:) He likes to have everything lined up first. I love all the details. The sunset is beautiful! Enjoy your last little bit of time before school starts!

Jessica Kubit said...

Can I come to your house and just soak in it's beauty? I love your style! Love the post this month and the little details. Also, if my husband did that, I probably would say a few more words than what the heck, LOL!! Glad to hear it's all coming out in the end:-)

Christina Schergen said...

Oh hey looked who missed 10 on 10 again...this girl. :) first look at your BABY !?? She is a doll and growing too fast lol. Second love your amazing photos. Third that book is the best!!!!