Monday, April 14, 2014

ten on ten - a (late) April edition

well, a little late but here it is. I actually had all my pictures ready and
then ran into some computer issues. I had told my blog circle friends (Alexis, Jessica and  Jodi)
that by golly gosh, I was going to post these pictures even if it was going to be days late because
I had been so diligent about taking pictures that entire day.

computer issues have now been fixed, pictures are getting downloaded and edited (even though I'm as slow as a turtle when it comes to editing) and I can
now relax a bit.

as I look through these pictures, these moments in my day, I'm reminded of why this project
is so important to me.  I can re-live that moment, in front of my computer and in the quietness of my home,
and allow myself to look at every little detail in the picture.. and remember what prompted me to take the picture in the first place...

the thickness of my daughters hair 
an hour of silence for a quick workout
a devoted friend lending a helping hand by feeding my daughter lunch
a 5 year old (soon to be 6!) holding tightly to her stuffed animal and doll that she loves so much
praying together as a family
new 'real' sandals for my littlest one

and at the end of the day, with gratitude and thankfulness in my heart, I breathe deep and give thanks 
because it is all so so good.

be sure to check the other gals in our blog circle - and unlike me, they actually posted their pictures up on time :)


Alexis said...

I just adore all of these!! The one of you doing awesome! I also love the one of your house being littered with toys:) That is my house every day. It drives me nuts, but I gave up years ago trying to make it clean all the time:) I am so glad things were fixed and you were able to get it posted.

Jessica Kubit said...

Love the photos Flor, I always love how you capture your day! The praying one is really priceless, something you will treasure later. Also, the yoga one. I tend to take photos of myself working out for my challenge groups but they are always quick on my iphone, maybe I'll try one with my camera next month. So happy the computer issues are fixed!

Alicia said...

Love this! Love to see your photos. All the white makes me white.