Tuesday, April 22, 2014

March {in review}

I realize we are in April already .. or well into April actually. but I promised myself I would post a little recap of our month regardless of how long it takes me to actually get it posted.

one of my favorite things to do, late at night at my computer, is to turn on some Mumford and go through old pictures. sitting there by myself, looking at my babies when they were actually little babies makes me a little teary-eyed... but more than that, it makes me so happy that those little moments were captured. I always remind myself that I need to take more pictures. because one day, it will be one of my kids sitting there at the computer looking at old pictures and what would I want them to see? I want them to see that our every day life was just as beautiful as the big events. the lazy afternoons spent in the backyard were just as important as the times spent vacationing out of town. there is glory not only in those big moments in life but the little ones as well.

so, this is just a snippet of our march in pictures. only thing is, there was a birthday in march. mine actually :) and I don't have a single photograph of it (actually my brother in law has them). but let me just say that it was the most wonderful birthday that I ever did have.. a surprise party put together by my husband, sisters that live 7 hours away who drove into town to attend and friends who managed to keep the party a secret from me, who blessed me with their presence. I am one lucky gal.

march, you were lovely indeed.


Lisa @ MMT said...

Beautiful photos! I just love seeing all the little details of your days captures in photos. Your photos inspire me to get my camera out more!

Alicia said...

Just love your photos. I can almost hear/smell/feel them :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Lovely photos. Such talent.

Christina Schergen said...

I could look at your photos all day long!! they are sooooooooooo lovely!!!