Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 on 10 - March Edition

"cultivate the habit of being grateful" - unknown

Sometimes the monotony of every day life can get a little.. boring? School drop off in the morning, errands, 10am nap time, kindergarten pick up, lunch, big kid pick up, afternoon nap, homework.. and the list goes on and on. Even though the daily chores are the same, each day looks different than the previous day. Maybe it's because I shy away from strict schedules or maybe it's because I've added a new item on my 'to do' list but no two days are the same. 

Here's the thing.. as much as I can get overwhelmed or stressed out (and trust me, it happens all day long), I will confess that I love it all. I love doing this - the morning carpool, the errands, waiting for my 5 year old to get home from kinder, the cleaning up the house, the 10am walk up our stairs for nap time.

It's the season that I find myself in right now and I'm doing my best to love the heck out of it.

So today, we enjoyed..

rainy mornings
quiet playtime
a clean kitchen with glorious sunlight 
post nap sit down and re-group
leftover bits of lunch
blue skies over Trader Joes
some extra time with our toys
sending over some flowers to a neighbor
dinner time while the sun was still up (because of the time change)
bath time fun

Head on over to the other blogs in our circle to see what they've been up to (Alexis, Jodi, Jessica). Have a wonderful week, my friends! xoxo


Jessica Kubit said...

Love all the photos and your writing is superb. I really wish I could write like you! I feel the same about my life. It gets stressful, busy, and sometimes monotonous but I would not change it for the world!! Thanks again for putting together this project.

Alexis said...

I just love your style. The flowers are so refreshing to see:) I am ready for spring. Your little girl is such a doll too.

Christina Schergen said...

one of these days I am going to remember 10 on 10...one day lol. I love the photo of your kitchen and the plant holders...it looks so clean and bright and sunny!

Bill and Jodi Readers said...

Oh these are perfect! I love the unique perspective you take for your shots. They add such interest to your composition. I really LOVE your rainy morning image!