Monday, February 11, 2013

so, i thought you should know...

-my darling little Camila is 6 weeks old this week.
and i just can't believe it. actually, i can believe it.. because i feel like i haven't slept in six weeks.
here's hoping 8 weeks brings us more sleep.

-she has an awful temper when she gets mad.
or when she gets angry
or when she is overly-tired.

- I just registered this little 4 year old cutie in kindergarten and while she's super excited to go to school
i was actually a little sad. 
she's been my side since i had her and now i feel as if she's leaving me. silly, i know.

- welcome to my laundry room.
this is where Camila sleeps during the day. i probably should be really embarrassed to post this picture but i'm not...because as crazy as it sounds, she loves this room! this room sits right next to the kitchen, where i spend most of my time during the day, so i can easily hear her if she stirs. 
i turn on the overheard fan (white noise) and slightly close the door and she's in baby bliss for a couple of hours. 

it's crazy.. my other children were able to sleep anywhere and with whatever background noise was going on at the time.
but not this little cutie. she's more high maintenance, which kinda makes me nervous.

which brings me to my next point.. the 'witching hour'. has anyone ever experienced
that part of the day when your baby just can not be comforted and is cranky and fussy?

well, we are in that phase right now. from 5pm till about 8:30pm Camila is just as cranky as can be.
 poor little girl just wants to go to sleep but there is so much going on around here that she just can't get to sleep. as much as i hold her or rock her some little noise or movement will disrupt her.

here's the thing (and i knew this was gonna be an issue) i can't lock myself in my room with her
and turn off all the lights and run the overhead fan (as much as i would like to). because there are three other little kids downstairs that need me around to help with homework, to be fed, etc.

so that's where i'm at right now. trying to figure out a way to give Camila what she needs (quiet sleep)
while at the same time meeting the needs of the other kids.. and all this needs to be done at the same time.

for now, my sweet mother is going to come over and help me from about 4:30 till bedtime at 7:30pm
during the days my husband is at work.

for now, i just need to breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.

- her favorite place in the world -- besides the laundry room.
to be held.
by anyone. by someone. all day.
and usually there's always a willing person to be found that could be convinced to hold her.

my darling firstborn up there ^ ^
she is such a wonderful helper and i'm truly so blessed to be her mother.

-i'm slowly getting back into working out again.
my muscles are sore.
my lungs feel like they are gonna burst
but i'm going to keep at it because i know i'll feel better afterwards
even though i feel like just giving up every 10 seconds.

so, that's a little snippet of life over here right now.
it's horribly exciting over here :)

hope you have a wonderful week and please..

enjoy your sleep.
don't ever take it for granted.


Alicia said...

oh're making me nervous!! but i'm so excited!!!

Katie Cook said...

you are an amazing mama!
your kids are adorable!
your husband seems like such a sweet heart!
and your house is so cute!
i would say that's exciting in a very lovely way!!!
be blessed sweet Flo!

Kelly said...

i pray that sleep finds the two of you and that God will bridge the gap of what the older children need and what they receive. but i'm positive it's not as bad as it feels, us momma's are always so hard on ourselves. transition takes time.
love you friend.

christina said...

oh friend! it sounds she might be a little colic?

my middle cried 5 or 6 hours a day for 10 months. don't be afraid to just put her in her crib and shut the door. yikes. sometimes you need it for your sanity.

have you tried music?

yeah to sleep training! be strong and stick with it! :) you will feel like you are sleeping less that you even have but i promise it will work ;) p.s. i didn't do the napping routine i let them nap when they got tired /// i also tweaked the feeding with my youngest and didn't notice a difference

you will feel like a new women when you get some sleep.

I cried with my last b/c i was so tired. so very tired.

awwwww kindergarten is so bittersweet. oh who am i kidding it sucks .lol. she sure is a cutie!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Ah, yes. I'm getting ready to not get sleep all over again : )
Sending good wishes your way! Hopping over from olive tree blog, xo