Sunday, December 16, 2012

sunday thought {find comfort in Him}

how do I tell my children about what happened.. when i can barely comprehend it myself?
the sorrow and the pain that has rocked that community is just unimaginable right now..
if i'm feeling so overwhelmed with emotions right now, i can't even imagine how the  people of Newton, CT are feeling.

may God bring his comfort and peace to those grieving right now.. and in the midst
of all of this, let us remember that God is still good.  and He always will be.

if you are feeling as overwhelmed as i am right now, 
turn to Him.. turn to His word for comfort. 
it will not fail you.
and take an extra moment each night to hug your babies a little tighter.


Kayla Peveler said...

You are so right. God is still good, and always will be. So true. Thank you for this :)

Look at your belly! SO pretty!

Katie Cook said...

what a beautiful tribute and post. thanks Flor! and ps- your kids are adorable!

christina said...

amen. it is still so sad.