Thursday, November 15, 2012

the current situation around here.

things are a little hectic around here this week and are bound to get even worse as the holiday approaches 
next week. 
i have a question for you.. who in the world decides to get their counter tops replaced a week before 
Thanksgiving and while 8 months pregnant? 
i'll save you from answering. that would be US of course.

scenes from our life this week.
and notice: counter tops - all gone.
not one piece of tile left on them and now i officially have 
plywood counter tops -- with a whole lotta dust on them -- until our new tops are installed next week.
i'm ok with that since the kids and i will be out of town .. husband is going to stay 
behind, not only because he has to work, but also to supervise the job.

my children.
someone gave this little girl an extra dose of bossiness in her breakfast today.

and this little boy was a little moody today..

and of course, this little one is on her best behavior when the oldest two are acting up...

but i'm not complaining because i know i was a little extra cranky today and not the best person to be around. something about not having counter tops and finding bits of cement in my food 
makes me a little frazzled.
{bless their little hearts, they are so cute.}

and while at the gym i noticed a girl running on the treadmill.
and i instantly felt like crying {definitely hormonal}.. because i miss running so much.
i'm not even very good at it but i enjoyed it so much when i was normal {not pregnant}.

instead me and my big self have to stay on the elliptical and chug along at a snails pace.
i can't go any faster than 133 hb/min.. and i can tell you right now..this girl  below {who had no idea i took a picture of her backside} was definitely NOT at 133 hb/min.

{all i can say is that lycra/spandex is awesome!}
soon enough i'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

for now, this little girl has got to stay in my tummy a little bit longer.
and preferably arrive here between Dec 27-30.
she may not, i repeat, MAY NOT arrive on Dec 25th or i will definitely be a crying mess.


hope you have a wonderful weekend
and raise your hand in the air if you are so glad tomorrow is friday{woot! woot!}


Alicia said...

i can't believe you're almost due already!!! i'm sure it hasn't gone as fast for you though :) at least you're exercising. i have not at all. i've been such a slacker...just can't seem to work it in my schedule. it's hard with school :-/ you look great!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

You look WAY cuter than running girl! Enjoy that baby bump now as you don't have much time left. : )

christina said...

dang that is one great looking belly.

i read the other day that pregnancy is the best reason in the world to feel like crap. lol .

forget running I just wanted to reach my feet and walk up the stairs without losing my breath : )

i can't believe she is almost here!

Kayla Peveler said...

You may not think your "normal" BUT miss.. you are GORGEOUS. pregnant and all... hope I look as cute as you do when I am preggo!

his little lady said...

That baby bump is just precious! Fingers crossed she arrives right when you want her to ;)
xo TJ

hannah singer said...

you are way cute, mama!
and i love the bossy and moody pics.
today i could be labeled as both :)

happy thursday! xo

Brittney said...

You are an ADORABLE pregnant lady, but I know you must be so ready for sweet baby girl to be there!! So exited for you!