Friday, December 21, 2012

remember that time...

that i didn't have counter tops? we had decided to change our kitchen up a little bit.. well, actually,
for us it was a dramatic change. we wanted to get rid of the old tile on our counter tops (i really, really don't like tile because of the cleaning involved with grout. horrible) and put in a new sink and faucet. that's pretty much the extent of the 'remodel' we can afford nowadays with 3 kids and one on the way. 

so our plan was to get it done during Thanksgiving.
but before Christmas
and before this little baby came along.
i know, right? 
crazy to the hundredth degree.
but it was now or never.

the 'before' picture in the demolition phase.
a couple of things to note: 
those are all dirty dishes in the sink
that is my donut on the counter top - boston creme pie. i craved it for one week straight.
i like a really bright white spaces. it feels 'clean' to me - even when there are dishes all over the place.
and there are always dishes all over the place.
there was tile dust everywhere for dayyssssss.

and here's the 'after' - the white sparkly counter tops are in, a new back splash, a new (really, really deep) sink and faucet.
and for the record.. it most likely will never, ever be this clean again.
i'm so glad i took a picture and documented this moment in our life :)

this couldn't have come together so quickly if it wasn't for my husband. 
bless his big heart.. he worked so hard to have our kitchen ready for us by the time we (the kids and I) arrived back from our Thanksgiving travels. 
he spent Thanksgiving alone, not only because he had to work but because he wanted to make sure
as much work was done before we arrived back home. 

and this is a guy who has never, in his life, worked on a back splash before.. but he somehow managed to pick up some crazy back-splash-tile skills and complete it all by himself.
i don't know about you but i find that awfully attractive and awesome :)

ok, now i will confess... i thought maybe, just maybe.. i would enjoy cooking a little bit more now that i
had a whole new 'space'. but sadly, it's just not the case. 
i cook because i have to feed myself and the little people in this house.. but it's still not 
the most exciting time of my day :(


i hope you have a wonderful weekend! i'm pretty much done with 
my Christmas shopping (thanktheLord).. I can't imagine going out shopping this weekend.
the stores are going to be crazy with last minute shoppers and i want to stay far away from all that.

on another note, the baby bag is packed and baby clothes are washed and put away.
i'm working on packing up the hospital bag this weekend.
i'm coming up on 39 weeks now and still can't quite believe that we'll have a baby soon.
somebody pinch me please, is this really happening?? :)


Amy Lynne said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful! So bright!

Good luck with you newest addition! Can't wait to see that little face! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Alicia said...

girl!!! i am in loooove! i love white. white subway tiles are my absolute favorite. whenever i have a kitchen that i can reno, it's going to have white subway tiles. it just all looks so clean and pretty.

and you're gonna have a baby!!! what's up with that crazy fastness??? how did that happen so fast?! you need to do this four kid thing, take notes, and tell your friend alicia what the heck to expect. i'm kinda scared.

i'll be thinking about you. keep us posted on insta!!!


Suzanne said...

Love the white kitchen ~ it's beautiful! And I spy the grapefruit sugar bowl from anthro that I have been lusting over. It looks fantastic in your new kitchen. Enjoy!!

Mary said...

i love love LOVE it!
we might be kindreds...just maybe.
white feels so fresh and clean to me, too!
i have 70's BRIGHT orange counter tops...that's where God's great sense of humor comes in, because they are so far from what i would EVER want, but the budget just isn't there for butcher block...YET!
that tile is AHHHMAZING...and i just love it all!
i'll be watching IG for baby updates...AFTER Christmas, of course! :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I super love subway tiles. Everything looks so fresh! 39! I can't wait to read baby news. : ) Merry Christmas, Flor!

christina said...

looks fantastic!!!! I saw today on istagram baby is almost here! congrats mama!!! glad she waited until after christmas!! hope you had a great christmas!

Linda Z said...

Came out so great! Everything is so fresh and pretty! I hate grout, too. Hope to finish redoing our kitchen this year!