Saturday, January 5, 2013

she's finally here {Camila Grace}

She is here.

Camila Grace, born on 12/26/2012.
well, at least she held out till the day after Christmas :) 
she's 6 pounds and 15oz of pure sweetness and adorable-ness.
i'll do another post that include more pictures of her post-birth.

for now, i'm pretty much going to do a photo dump of all my pregnancy pictures.
i'm being selfish really.. because this blog serves as my memory bank.. and posting
here gives me an opportunity to organize my pictures and look back one more time
at this special time.

so, if you'll bear with me... 
a little stroll through the last 9 months...
including my 'fruit' picture project. sadly, i was only able to photograph up to 24 weeks (baby was size of an ear of corn)... i wish i had completed it all the way through but life got really busy. but i'm super grateful that i was able to document so much of this pregnancy. i'm grateful that my husband was willing to humor me and 
take my pictures as i requested it (as vain and silly as it sounded).

because, this is it folks. 
no more little ones for me (us).. i finally feel as if our little family is complete.
it's so hard to explain it but that's the truth. does that sound strange? 

and friends, know that i would have labeled these pictures for you if i had any more energy left in this little old 
body of mine. but, alas, i do not. 
i'm running on 3-4 hours of sleep every night and it's taken me about 3 days just to collect and organize these pictures up on here. this little girl is draining me dry.. she's so lucky she's so darn cute!! (wink) :)

{my picture collection from Instagram. some posted on IG, some not posted}

all of these pictures have a special memory attached.
this first picture (red lipstick).. I took right after my 12 week appointment. 
an appointment where i wasn't sure if we were going to hear a little heart beat or not.
i had mentally prepared myself for the worst.
and it is in my weakest and most vulnerable moments that God has chosen to reveal his infinite mercy and love in my life. this was on of those moments.

and 9 months later.. my little reward! :)

once again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers throughout this time.
i can't tell you what a blessing your words and comments of encouragement have been to me!

hugs to you all, 

p.s. and what's this about it being 2013 already??  


Jennifer said...

Beautiful baby and Mama....congratulations!!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Oh my goodness, Flor...she is the sweetest thing ever! You both look beautiful. Congrats to you and your family. Soak in every moment with her and get some rest, mama!

Suzanne said...

Camilla is beautiful, and you are simply stunning, mama!! Gorgeous pics and sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats! She is beautiful!!

Katie Cook said...

Congrats Flor! She's sooooo beautiful, as are you! I LOVED looking through your pregnancy pictures. You are obviously a very lovely mama, and your pictures were just heavenly:) Sooo happy for you lovely lady!! love Katie

Heidi said...

Oh...she's breathtaking! Congratulations!

Kelly said...

The both of you are just beautiful. Congratulations Flor. xxO

Amy Lynne said...

Congratulations Mama! Enjoy your newest addition!!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

This post just radiates love and sweetness. Oh how it takes me back to the joy of pregnancy and the wonder of a newborn. What a gift in the way God designed the creation of new life. Enjoy this blessed time!

christina said...

she is perfect. and you are stunning!!!!!!!

two very beautiful girls!!

Heather said...

I LOVE HER SO MUCH! and her name! awww! it is just so lovely. she is so gorgeou, as are you, flor! i am so happy for you and your now complete little family! i feel like you had the world's fastest pregnancy ever! so excited that baby girl is here, love you! xo

Sarah said...

Congrats!! She is so beautiful!! That hair is amazing!!

Linda Z said...

Oh my goodness... I just love the pregnancy collage. You are so beautiful at every stage!! And I can't believe how gorgeous you are right after giving birth! Looks like you sweet baby girl is going to take after you! :)