Wednesday, October 10, 2012


today was a hard day for me.
it started with waking up late even though i promised myself i would wake up early.
{early as in 'before my kids wake up'}
and it didn't happen.
it's so hard for me to wake up earlier than my normal time. my body just refuses to 
cooperate - mostly my eyelids. 
it doesn't help much that i'm not sleeping well at night.
we have entered the leg cramp phase of pregnancy.. oh, the dreaded leg cramps!
i don't get them often but when i do, i'm sore for dayyyssss afterwards.

i had a prenatal appointment today at 10:45am.
i'm dressed and ready to go by 9:59am. then i thought i would glance at my calender to see
what else i had going on today.
and to my absolute shock, discovered that my appointment was at 9:45am. 
i had pretty much missed it.

cue the water works.
i bawled like a baby. 
it was not pretty ---> picture mascara running down, watery, puffy eyes, snot coming out of my nose that  was being wiped by the sleeve of my cardigan.
all because i missed an appointment. 
well, not just because of that.. but mostly because i just felt like i couldn't do 
anything right. 
i wasn't able to get up as early as i wanted in the morning,
i wasn't able to help my husband make the kids lunches in the morning (a job that i usually do),
and i couldn't even remember a simple appointment.

{puffy face mcpuffster}

and then the next thought... what in the world am i doing trying to raise 3 kids?? 
yep, it got pretty ugly in my head there for a bit. 
at some point, i blew the snot out of my nose, wiped off the mascara and
had to show myself some grace.

being a mom is hard. really, really hard.
not only do you deal with the day to day stuff having to do with house and school
but we also have to nurture and grow the little hearts of these little ones under our charge.
we don't have the luxury of quitting our job or just calling in sick.. although that would be nice every now and then {ahem.. like today}
we are bound to forget appointments, cancel out on play dates at a moments notice,
or make sandwiches for dinner instead of that awesome recipe that was planned.

this is our ministry, my friends.
the work that we do within our house and within the hearts of our children.
it's what God has called us to do right now.
and so, while we may have our 'off' days, we just pick ourselves up again
and try again the next day... because that's what moms do.

so tonight, i'm setting my alarm clock again
and going to do my best to wake up early in the morning.
and if it doesn't happen tomorrow,
well then, 
there's always the day after, right?


Alicia said... i ever know that feeling!!! i have been soooo tired lately and just feeling unmotivated to do anything. just kinda feeling like i suck lately. need to get out of the funk! xo.

Kayla Peveler said...

Very encouraging, dear! You are human, sometimes we flip out over nothing. But we pick ourselves back up, just like you said. Very well put :) you seem like a fantastic momma, your children are so lucky!


Marie said...

man I can't stand that middle of the night let cramp phase!!! don't know if this will help, but I eventually got to the point where the instant I felt the charlie horse coming I flexed my foot and it would stop the cramp (if you catch it early enough). worth a try!
blessings to you momma and praying your day will be glorious!

Suzanne said...

I am familiar with those days! I think I am probably the worst person to myself. I can show grace to others {most of the time}, but show myself grace?!? no way.

Even the best planned days tank. Tomorrow is a new day, baby!

And you look amazing! Even if you feel like puffy mcpufferson.

I will pray for the leg cramps ~ those suck!

Have an awesome day, friend!

kaylee@life chasers said...

Pretty sure you just read my heart. This has been my struggle. I've had the snot, the water works, and crying to God to block out the negative sounds that satan was feeding me. There is always another day. Praying for you today.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Praying for a better day for you tomorrow.

christina said...

oh friend you nailed it! being a mama is such a ministry : )

p.s. take it easy...don't bother getting up early...all will get done at the end of the day :)

I itched head to toe the last 6 weeks of my last pregnancy it was the worst at night ... I seriously didn't relax and stop itching some nights before 2 am ... and then had 2 kiddos up by 7 am ... not fun at all! I literally felt like you could not open my eyes come morning.

I mean you are growing a bay...I think that in itself is a successful day ;)!

did you get the sleep book yet?!

christina said...

I read that if you stretch prior to bed time this can help with leg cramps... :)

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds so like some of the days I've had recently! I find myself saying :tomorrow is a new day!" quite often! I also had the worst leg cramps while pregnant, I swear my legs hurt for a week after and I was terrified of going to bed! I read that if you stretch the back of your leg straight right as you feel a cramp coming on it can subside, and it worked!! Also increasing potassium and stretching during the day. oh I don't miss those leg cramps! ;)

Amy Lynne said...

{{Hugs}} Those days are the ones I wish I had a reset button! I hope this week goes better and your legs start behaving!

Kimberly Bonham said...

I love your blog!
I got chills reading this post. I am not a mother yet (trying at the beginning of the year) but I can only begin to imagine just how hard it really is.

Newest follower from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary!
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Heather said...

Hi Flor! You are such a beautiful mama. I just love you :) You're right-- being a mama is hard. And I am just adoring your bump!

stephanie said...

you are so sweet. and i'm glad i'm not the only one who has days like this ; )

Lisa @ MMT said...

So, so true! Being a momma is hard work and you are doing an excellent job! I think you are such a great momma and the cutest momma to be. Hope you are feeling well!