Friday, March 16, 2012

attitude problem.

i had planned on finishing up a post
that i had started a while ago {2 months ago to be exact..ha!}
but it just didn't work out tonight.

because THIS happened:

a bad attitude.
it involved a lot of crying, wailing and a door was slammed.
i had to muster every bit of patience that i had in me,
say a little silent prayer so that i could discipline with love and yet remain firm.
and then i had to follow through with my threats.

her beloved tea party cups and pots were taken away
and she had to swallow her 3 year old pride and apologize for what she did.
it's so hard for her.. and it's hard for me as well.
my other two were not as strong willed so i'm in unknown territory with her.

i'm glad to report that by the time she went down to sleep
most of everything was right in her world.

except that she'll have to use plastic cups for her pretend tea party tomorrow.
yes, life is really hard isn't it?

i think it's time for a cupcake :)
have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Good for you for following through. It is tough. I have one boy on technology restriction--no wii, computer, etc. until Sunday. Just think about how much she will appreciate her tea set once it is returned. : ) Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Despite the attitude she is so stinking cute!!! There seems to be one difficult one in every bunch, my oldest is the one in my family so I know exactly how you feel. I remember knowing my daughter was going to be a handful when at a year she would smack me across the face. So I can feel your pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better! said...

That face! I would have a hard time disciplining that one! said...

Flor, she is so darn cute. I have a cute little 7 yr old & when he is a sassy pants & needs a little tlc. I have the hardest time staying upset with him. I need to be tougher like you. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little mad face she has. I still think she is a angel :)

Kelly said...

My baby is strong willed. So heart breaking when I have to follow through with a threat. But worth it. That photo is so stinkin cute.
Good job mama. She'll grow up knowing you love her.

Lisa @ MMT said...

It must be hard to disciple someone so cute ;) Even all sassy, she is adorable! My son is VERY strong willed and 3 years old, so I know how it feels. Sometimes, it is just hard! I hope you enjoyed a cupcake, or two :)

Stacy said...

I also have a strong willed three year old. It's hard to follow through, hard to stick to certain discipline but easy to love them. She is beautiful.

Linda Z said...

Oh, she is so cute... even with the sour face!

I'm strong-willed and so is my oldest son. We can be hard to deal with, but don't give up!! It can be a good thing in many ways, too. Don't forget humor... that's what saved me with my boy! God reminded me I'd lost all my sense of humor, so He restored it for me! :)

Susan said...

She's unbelievably cute!!! xo