Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - {safety}

my mother is going into surgery this week for a hip replacement.
i'm so nervous about it but i know that she's in good hands.
i've been in constant prayer for her and for her doctor
and while i can say that i'm nervous 
i'm really at peace about it.
He has filled my heart with peace, comfort and assurance
and that's all i can ask for.

happy sunday to you!


Lisa @ MMT said...

Prayers for you and your Mom! Hope her surgery goes well and she has a fast recovery!

Amy said...

Good luck to your mom today. I know 4 people who have had hip replacements in the past few years and they have all healed very quickly. I hope the same is true for your mom. ♥

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Praying for her. Have a good week! xoxo

ginanorma said...

I have this verse on my nightstand, what would we do without the Word?!!

Linda Z said...

I pray all is going well for your mom. How good it is to be in the safe arms of the Lord. :)

theolivetree said...

praying for you and your mama : )!