Friday, February 24, 2012

what's-going-on Friday...

it's been a crazy, hectic week and i'm so glad it's almost over.
thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for my mother.
she had surgery and is still in the hospital recovering.
she is in alot of pain..i can't be in the room with her while the physical therapist is in there.
because then, i'll start crying with her.
soon enough, she'll be walking around and hopefully without any pain.

i am overwhelmed by so many things this week;
strangers praying for my mom.. people in my bible study that don't even know her
but pray for her nevertheless.
your thoughts and comments/emails make me unbelievably happy {thank you!}
meals from friends who understand how exhausted i am
and that i can't possibly muster up enough energy to cook anything.
friends who become temporary mothers to my children while
i am away at the hospital and my husband is at work. 
no time limits.
no questions asked.
they do it with a open heart,
not expecting anything back in return but just to lessen the burden upon my shoulders.

and my family.. my brothers and sisters.
our bond is strengthened every time our family goes through a traumatic experience.
we all share the burden.. and not one sister or brother in this family is left to deal with it all.
my older sister {bless her heart}.. the rock of our family
who has hardly seen her own family in order to stay with my mom.. day and night.
a brother who drives 6 hours at the crack of dawn to be there with us
and keep us company.
{muah! muah! hugs and kisses to all 6 of you!}
i could go on and on but i think you get my point :)
i'm just plain grateful for all of it.

and now some pictures.
because a post is never complete without any pictures, don'tcha think?
amen to that.

i'm not a big coffee person but i've had my share of coffee this week that's for sure.
 mostly i enjoy it with lots and lots of french vanilla creamer
{i PROMISE there is coffee in it somewhere}

this little guy lost his first tooth this week..
he pulled it out himself and i was so proud of him!
thank goodness he is so brave because
the little girls in this house are prone to hysterics when they see the slightest amount of blood.

my husband working hard on building me a small {stage?}
it's for my pictures around here..
he painted it white and slightly distressed it..
so it's nice and white and bright.
you know what that does?
it acts like a natural reflector when it's indoors.. where the lighting
just about drives a person crazy.

i told him about it early this week and before i knew it
he was calling me from home depot asking me for specifics.
personally, i'm thinking he was just really excited to get to
use his power tools :)

and this little girls hair has been brushed a total of maaaayyybbeeeeee 2 times this week.
but it's all good because next week we're gonna try for three.

i'll be catching up on blogs this weekend and maybe think about
bringing down my valentines day decor.
i said i'll think about it.. doesn't mean it'll get done
so don't hold me to it :)

have an awesome weekend!


theolivetree said...

praying for you still friend! Love the last part about your daughters hair... I work outside the home about once a week and when I come home our daughters hair looks like rats husbands always says she cries...she has got him wrapped around her little finger :)

Linda Z said...

I hope your mom's pain has subsided quite a bit by now. My parents and I have been through many surgeries between us... so good to have loving family around. I know she is so blessed by your presence and care.