Tuesday, February 14, 2012

according to my calender, it's valentine's day.

wait, what?
is it really valentine's day??
wowzers, it came by fast this year.

the kids made these lip/mustaches as their valentine's day cards.
oh my goodness, they turned out super cute
but of course,
i ended up finishing them all by myself.
they start out really excited and so helpful
then 5 minutes later, they walk away to go get some
more paper and i pretty much don't see them again.

my kids love this holiday.. probably because it's one of my favorites.
when i get excited, they get excited. and what's not to get excited about?
i love the decorations, the colors,
the cute heart shaped cookies
and is it me or do people seem a little extra nice around this time of the year?
maybe it's all the extra sugar that's being consumed during this time :)

we are staying home on valentine's day and having take-n-bake heart shaped pizza.
i've got some family coming over and my wonderful neighbors will surely be stopping by.
and now my promise to you..
i promise to eat only one cupcake tomorrow.
just one.
pinky promise.

hope you have a wonderful valentine's day!


Marie said...

Yay! such wonderful valentine's decorations.

we made sugar cookie hearts yesterday, and i'm only gonna have one today too;)

Amy said...

Your decor is super cute as always! I love the yarn balls on the silver tiered tray, great idea! I hope you have lots of fun tonight with your loves....Happy Valentine's Day!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

You need to come decorate my house for V-Day. I lost my mojo this year and put up a wreath on the door and that's it! I love your creativity. Happy Valentine's Day!

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

Super cute decor! We love those heart shaped pizzas at our house for Valentines day! Enjoy!

Linda Z said...

Sounds like a great Valentines plan! Hope you had a great night! The Valentines you all made are adorable.

ginanorma said...

HOW super duper cute are your Valentine decorations! Oh my word!
So pretty!!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

How was your one cupcake? Are you sure you didn't cheat? haha just kidding! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's day! I love all your pictures, so bright and refreshing. Your kids valentines are adorable, such a great idea. Figure they would leave you with all the work, doesn't that seem to happen to us mommy's quite often? :)