Tuesday, January 24, 2012


it's been a couple of weeks since i've participated in
and it's nice to be back!

i've given myself an hour to write this post
and edit/post my pictures, so i'm on a time limit.
pinterest is a-callin' my name..
i've got bathroom ideas to pin and pretty food pictures to look at {that i'll never make}.

if i devoted half of the time i devote to pinterest
to the things on my actual 'to do' list
the list may not quite be so long.

and before you start judging me as a pinterest addict {which i'll have to confess to}
you might want to check out how many pins
you've got going on
on your boards.
i can name a couple of my close friends, right off the top of my head,
that may need an intervention soon :)

anyhoo, here are some outfits that i've managed to take
pictures of.

running errands, an appointment and a friends housewarming party:

blazer/button up/belt: forever 21, skinnies/necklace/watch: target, boots: marshalls

those little boots are the most comfortable little booties i've ever worn.
i can't decide if they are a little too trendy for me.. but until i decide i'll just keep wearing them :)

running errands, picking up kids and working around the house:
hat: forever 21, shirt: gap, necklace: h&m1, pants: tjmaxx, mocassin slippers: target

i've got to confess something here.. the knit hat is hiding 2 day unwashed air.
did i just gross you out? so sorry, but it's true.
i don't wash my hair every day in the winter because it will dry out and start breaking..
so these little hats come in handy.
am i embarrassed? no.
should i be? probably so.
but we're friends, right?


church and then running errands afterwards:

shirt/flower belt: forever 21, pants: express {old}, shoes: marshalls

most comfortable shirt ever and it's just so pretty.
i'm so glad my sister convinced me to buy this when were shopping..
sisters do come in handy sometimes i gotta say :)


at home sewing, laundry, cleaning: 

pants: tjmaxx, shirt/necklace: forever 21, shoes: target {old}

i had to wear about 3 layers of shirts underneath this pretty little long sleeve shirt..
it's thin and it doesn't make me warm, not one bit.
but i try to make my wardrobe work for all seasons.
so while it may not be suitable for winter wear,
i really try to make it work.

i honestly don't remember what i was doing this day.
it must not have been good.
is that bad?

striped sweater/ballerina dress {old}, jeans: forever 21, shoes: tjmaxx

i love this little black ballerina dress.
i just can't bear to put it away during the winter time
so i just wear it with pants and a black long sleeve shirt underneath {not shown}

running errands, lunch with husband:

 blazer/button up: forever 21 {old}, skinnies; target, boots: carlos santana unity
necklace: antique shop

and no..
you're not seeing double.
i wore an identical version of this outfit earlier in the week.
and my memory is so bad,
i didn't even realize i had worn it earlier till i was reviewing the pictures!


thanks so much for stopping by
 and be sure to stop by The Pleated Poppy to check out some other inspiring outfits!

signing off now to go do some
real work (wink) :)


marissa said...

I adore that flower shirt I hope you'll add it to my What We Wore and Made Party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/search/label/WWWMW

erika said...

Oh my,I love the cream shirt with the flower!Lovely!

Susan said...

Love all your looks this week Flor! The cream top, belt and cardy/jkt are adorable.
And welcome back! We missed you.
I will find you on pinterest...you know, in case you need an intervention one day.

Sherri said...

You have awesome style going on with each outfit. Really love the mint/orange(Peach?) combo outfit and the ballerina dress with jeans!

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

I am fully aware that I need an intervention...but there is no going back now!

I love the blazer and button up outfits-they work so well on you!

Jessica said...

Seriously, your hair is so beautiful!

Aly @ mommie diaries said...

i am obsessed with your style. it's so effortless and put together and timeless and beautiful... i could keep going, there are so many adjectives i could use! i just love it. you're getting me excited to get to buy real clothes again, after this baby comes (and i lose the weight). i'll be using your outfits for inspiration for sure :)

have a good day, my friend!

Cate said...

I need to find you on Pinterest - I'll fully admit I'm an addict! I love every look - you always look beautiful:)

Stacy said...

So, I go two or three days without washing my hair. No judgement here. That cream shirt and flower belt are lovely!

Jennifer said...

your lovely outfits always inspire me!! :)

Gina said...

I love your outfits! And I can't remember the last time I washed my hair, it's happier now that it doesn't get washed :) You look amazing, I love those mocassin slippers from Target too-so comfy!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Glad you are back because I always love your outfit choices! Your first outfit is so trendy, but in a good way. Girl, you got style :)

P.s. I take breaks from washing my hair too. Keeps it much more shiny!

theolivetree said...

pins...what a great way to spend free time :) Love the photo of you in the hat! p.s. being preggo I am so glad slipper shoes are in style :)

Linda Z said...

That outfit was worth posting twice! It's adorable on you! Everything is so cute and I love the hat and totally do the same thing!

Pinterest is fun. Not addicted, but I went on a pretty big rampage one weekend while I was sick in bed. :)

Kelly said...

your outfits never disappoint.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

just lovely! And, I have to say... I am really loving your hair! Remember back when you went darker and you were worried about it? Hasn't it just come to the perfect medium? I love it! :-) And, p.s... because we're friends, I'll tell you that at times I go two days without washing my super-long wavy hair, too! Xo!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Your outfits are wonderful! I love the one with the ballerina dress. Adorable! :)