Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - {new beginnings}

today, we did something big.
i stepped waaaayy out of my comfort zone and attended a new church.
i know, it doesn't sound like a big deal
but it is around here.
i've attended the same church since we moved here around 6 years ago
and it's about 30 minutes away each trip.
 i loved my 'old' church.. just loved it.
unfortunately, because it was so far away
i was never able to fully connect with everyone,
the kids weren't able to make real close friends
and i was never able to get involved.

and so now,
it's time.
i know it is.. i've felt it for a while now
that we are suppose to find another church closer to home.
if i didn't have 3 little kids to think about i would've just stayed there forever.
but you see.. these little kids are learning and growing in a way that amazes me.
i need to nurture this love for the Lord that is growing in their hearts and
find a place for them.
and in doing so,
i know i'll find  a place for myself as well.

this new church was just wonderful.
i saw some familiar faces and it made me feel so much better.
and the kids.. well, they just loved it.

(this is such a great reminder to listen to
what He wants done. He's usually right.)

i'm cautiously optimistic at this point..
i'll attend a little longer and see how we like it.

but for now,
i think i'll celebrate with a big chocolate cupcake
thankyouverymuch :)

happy sunday to you!


Vivian said...

Stepping out of our comfort zone can be a very rewarding experience when we are open to it. It looks like you were. Glad you enjoyed it and so did the kids.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Good for you guys for stepping out in faith!

Linda Z said...

We changed churches this past year, too. It's hard to step out of familiarity and to not know anyone. But we are being encouraged.

I hope you are being encouraged and finding a new home, too. :)

theolivetree said...

finding a new church is such a big deal! We looked and looked and looked for a few months until we found one that fits us! Happy Church finding :)

Cate said...

It's hard to church shop, isn't it? I go to the same church right now that I grew up in, so it's really hard to leave. But I have the same reason as you - my kids. We need something closer to our home. We just started the hunt a couple weeks ago. I'll be praying you guys find a new church home that you love too!
cate @

Cailan said...

We've done the long-distance church relationship before and it is really hard to embrace church family life like you'd like to. I hope you find a good fit soon!