Thursday, January 19, 2012


here we are... our little family in a very candid moment.
i originally wanted to take some black and white
pictures and wanted the kids to be "good".
i told them they had to look at the camera, smile a little bit
and sit still.

HA! well, yeah.. that didn't quite work so well.
it's impossible to get one kid to look at me much less all three.
i was started to get a little frustrated and i could feel my blood pressure rising.
and then i just gave up..
 it felt so good to just say "ok, whatever. do whatever you want
but just look at the camera, pretty please."

when i finally let go of that control and the the idea of perfect pictures,
i was able to relax a little more and be present in the moment.
and that moment was fun, unscripted and completely natural.
{wild messy hair, pouty faces and all}
gosh, it was fun.
i want to be 90 and still remember this moment.

this is us:
my oldest daughter {7}.. is just so sweet, has the cutest dimples, is trying to grow her hair out
and is the best little helper a mother could ask for.

my middle child {6}.. is sensitive and just adorable.
he tells me he loves my cooking,
he tells me i'm pretty
and he always asks me if i need help when i'm cleaning.
he doesn't really care that he's a mama's boy.. in fact, i think he's pretty proud of it

my littlest (3)... is just sassy, she is as wild as her hair looks and thinks she knows karate since
watching Kung Fu Panda. she is very passionate about praying and is the first to volunteer her voice at dinner time prayer.
her prayers last a really, really long time.
the Lord gets an earful when she starts praying, that's for sure.

my husband.. is just the very best. he is so patient and doesn't mind the
many ways I change things up around this house.
and just like his son, he compliments my cooking..can you believe that?

i'm pretty happy that, just this once, no one listened to my instructions the first time,
because these pictures are a pretty accurate reflection of the chaos, love
that resides in this house  :)

{collage inspired by a collage idea on pinterest a while ago. did not pin it, unfortunately.
i also think Ashley Ann has done a similar b/w collage but i can't find it on her blog)


Amy said...

That collage is just perfect. I would be like you, wanting the photos to be perfect and everyone smiling nice but I think it's just wonderful that you let go and everyone had fun. It's important to just let go sometimes and enjoy the moment right now.

hannah singer said...

what a lovely collage, SO adorable!
very sweet post, flor! xo

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I love the pics, but I love the descriptions of each person even more!

theolivetree said...

They turned out great! I love the photo where your girls are kissing your son on the cheek :) said...

Adorable! I can't decide which one is the cutest! You should blow this up on a canvas!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Aw such an adorable photo collage! You have a cute family! And your layout is even cuter, adorable blog! I am happy I found your blog! New follower :)

The Magnolia Pair


Lisa @ MMT said...

You are officially the cutest family ever! Love all these photos and how they show your 'real' family! You will cherish these forever :)

Linda Z said...

I absolutely love this! Your personalities just shine through. So adorable!! :)

Cailan said...

Such a lovely change of plans, Flor. You have such a darling family!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE it Flor! Couldn't be more perfect!!!!