Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wiww - and the winter blues.

I think I'm in a winter rut already.
And we aren't even into full winter yet.
Lordy, this is going to be a long winter.

The transition from really hot weather to cooler weather is really hard for me.
And I've never really been good with changes. I have to adjust slowly to changes
otherwise I get a little overwhelmed.
Whatever happened to my old go-with-the-flow self?
And now we've got a new daily routine,
more layers of clothing to wear every day,
salads for dinner have been replaced with hearty pasta dishes {my favorite, so I'm not complaining}
and dry, itchy skin is here to stay until spring rolls around.

And I have a problem with winter outfits.
They just aren't as comfortable to wear all day long as summer outfits.
In the summer I was able to run my errands, clean and get all my housework done
in the outfit I had decided upon earlier in the day.
But now?
All I want to do, once I get home,
is take off my boots and put on my comfortable yoga pants
Because, really.. who can do housework in skinny jeans? I sure can't.

Which leads me to ask of you, my fellow wiww friends,
do you leave your outfits on all day or do you change your clothes as soon
as you get home?
Just curious.

church. and I cooked and baked.. 
I was pretty proud of myself. 

cardi & dress: Target, tights: TJ Maxx, necklace & belt: F21 {old}, boots: Carlos Santana Unity


Get together with girls in my MOMS Club for an early Thanksgiving feast.
and your welcome for the lovely view of my grown out roots  :)

 sweater: ?, borrowed from sister and never given back, striped shirt: gap, boots: Unity,
jeggings: Target {I give them a 2 out of 5 stars}


dr appt for my son , barn sale shopping,
fondue dinner with girlfriends
button up: F21, pants: Target, shoes: TJMaxx,

And since I can't wear heels, here are my 'mommy heels'... a wedge boot. 
While I love them, I'm not sure if they are just a little too trendy for me.
Boy, they sure are comfortable though.


Check out what everyone else is wearing over at The Pleated Poppy.

Thanks for stopping by.. hope you have an awesome day! :)


Elyssa said...

I love your first outfit! It has a very eclectic look.

I totally take my 'cute clothes' off at home. I have a one year old, and I'm always getting dirty hands on me and playing on the floor. (and I love every minute of it. :)

eatrunteach said...

That first outfit with the dress is super adorable. I really need to add more dresses to my wardrobe!

And I totally change clothes mid day. ha! Once I am home from playdates, pre-school, errands I tend to get cozy or throw on workout clothes hoping that will motivate me to workout. :)

eatrunteach said...

That first outfit with the dress is super adorable. I really need to add more dresses to my wardrobe!

And I totally change clothes mid day. ha! Once I am home from playdates, pre-school, errands I tend to get cozy or throw on workout clothes hoping that will motivate me to workout. :)

Janna said...

Those boots are nothing short of dreamy, and your mom wedges are pretty darn cute too. Great outfits! Love the dress and bright cardi, and that they're from Target. My favorite cardis this season are from Target - they have the best bright colors.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

Of course I adore those boots! I went looking for boots (flat or low heeled) last season and bought some awesome black ones, with a heel, that I just can't wear all the time. *sigh* But, they are awesome.

As for winter wardrobe... I really dislike layers, and coats. I feel like I can't function with sweaters and jackets and scarves (oh my!)... forget about running after a toddler in the store, etc. I change into comfy 'home clothes' within minutes of walking in the door!

Gussy Sews said...

girlfriend, your outfits! they are FAB! love them!!!! color is something i'm always wishing i added into my outfits more often, which is so silly! i love color, it shouldn't be this hard to wear it ;]

happy wednesday! xoxo, gussy

nicole said...

I usually change at home! Sometimes I might only wear my cute outfit for an hour or two! I do sometimes keep my cute clothes on, kind of depends on what I need to do at home, and how comfortable the underthings are. ;)

Stephanie said...

Love your outfits! You look so cute!

the hollie rogue said...

you look beautiful--love those wedges! :)

katie said...

You are totally pulling off the wedges! You are adorable. I change on church days, but otherwise just keep my outfit on until after dinner. : )

Linda Z said...

I love all your outfits... sooo cute! I love the print on your dress and your cute boots!

I clean in stretchy pants. :) And I often change when I get home. I don't know how June Cleaver does it in those pearls of hers. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are soo adorable!! i have similar boots from carlos and boots from tjmaxx heheh!! :)

SortaCrunchy Megan said...

Oh! Your print dress and cardi are SO CUTE I had to pin them to my clothes board on Pinterest. LOVE!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I fell in love with the first outfit but then saw the second one and really loved it! As for the third, I want a pair of pants like that (to roll up at the bottom) but haven't come across a good pair yet! Very cute style!

skye @ neathering our fest said...

All of these are so cute! I love your boots and (even though i'm not a full fledged ankle bootie thingy fan) those look super chic on you!

marissa said...

I am in love with your first outfit, it's so darling I'd love it if you'd to add it to my link party too!

Jennifer said...

I adore that dress outfit! Love all your outfits though! I almost always change, but it is usually into workout clothes because I usually workout at night.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Cute outfits again! If I bother getting dressed at all, I'm usually out of the outfit by 5 pm. Just not comfy to wear jeans all day!

Cate said...

I love all these looks - I'm dying over your boots (soo cute!), and I think the booties are great.:) I usually stay in my clothes until after dinner, and then it's loungewear for me.

Nancy said...

I have boots so similar to yours and I Love that dress with it. Darling. Just might have to pull a copy cat maneuver. :)

twogirlstwofriends said...

Love your style!!!!! Digging those wedges!!!!!

- Emily @ twogirltwofriends

shopfreak said...

Love your happy green cardi and that cute, comfy middle outfit. I usually change into pjs after work to get comfy and warmer. I would rather wear summer outfits too!

EvA. . . said...

hi Flor i found you through sincerely Kylee and i just love your blog girl! I love your verse too :)
I'm here to stay:) I'm your latest follower!!! yay said...

Love all of your outfits! Perfect fall-wear! I've been dying to get those wedges from Target, so cute!

babyboybakery said...

Just found your blog!
Love your style!

Jodi said...

FAB-U-LOUS outfits. I just love your looks every week. And those boots!!!
To answer your question, I change when I get home... especially if it's time to take a nap :)