Tuesday, November 29, 2011

wiww - and I'm hibernating.

I've been kind of in a funk the last couple of weeks. winter is officially here and something happens to me around this time of the year.

I hibernate.

I stay in my house and don't want to leave. i try to get away with as few errands as possible and ask friends and family to come over so that I don't have to leave the house.

I don't quite remember how long this phase lasts but I think I'll be over it after Christmas. or spring. not sure.

here's the problem though; being in hibernation mode and being an active participant in What I Wore Wednesday is not a good combination. I hibernate in my comfy clothes.. and do you really want to see pictures of my comfy clothes? no, believe me,  you don't :)


really really bright yellow/gold sweater/shoes/skirt/earrings: Target, polka dot blouse: H&M


my husband asked me if I was gonna go ride a horse when he saw me in this outfit. that guy, he thinks he's just so funny.

brown sweater: target {old}, white long sleeve/pants: forever21, boots: carlos santana unity

on a completely different note, I had been looking at some old pictures of my mom way back when she was young. i just love to look at the way she wore her hair, her clothes and the little details that I would never have known about had she not been pictured.

and it got me to thinking.. will my own children wonder how I dressed and how I looked?  I'd like to think that they would be curious as I am about my own mother.

so i'm now saving a couple of pictures from these wiww posts and transferring them to my hard drive.
and I'm sure they'll look back at some of these and say to each other, "what was she thinking?!"

Head on over to The Pleated Poppy and check out what everyone else is wearing. and if you've been on the fence about participating in wiww - it's time to jump off of it and join the rest of the ladies over there!
believe me, you will love it :)


Susan said...

Thinking of you girl. This time of year puts many into a funk ~ on a positive note, you look fabulous!
I love your {ahem} "riding outfit".

Lisa @ MMT said...

Don't worry I tend to hibernate during the winter too! Technically its not even winter yet, but this 30 degree weather sure does feel like it ahh!
Your outfits look great. Your 'riding' one is adorable! I love those boots.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Oh your silly hubby! You always look so well put together head to toe, even if it is not as often during the winter months. That's okay. : )

Jennifer said...

this is a hard time of year for me as well...love your outfits though! That bright yellow put a smile on my face!

My Songbook said...

I love your style. These outfits are beautiful! Those boots especially.

Linda Z said...

Love both of these outfits! Your sweaters are so great! :)

Anonymous said...

Your boots are pretty awesome!

stephanie said...

just found your blog! loves it. and hello! hibernation? yeah me too. as we speak i am still in my pj's and its almost 3pm. this lasts until abouuuut april. lol

Elle said...

i love your "horseback riding" outfit!! perfect!

Nancy said...

Love the cheerful yellow and my dad says the same thing when I get to work in my totally rad boots. He asks me "Where's your horse?" My response: "in the parking lot."
Love your ensembles.