Monday, April 18, 2011

happenings of the week..

This little girl is always the last one finished at the dinner table...she loves to eat, she eats with such delight..and when she asks for seconds {or thirds} all I can do is marvel...
because its a well known fact Im no Paula Deen in the kitchen..
but she doesn't seem to care...

S-mode, focal length 28mm, f6.3, 1/60, ISO 640

S-mode, focal length 28mm, f5, 1/60, ISO 640


She loves her nailpolish...and any color will do.
And if you tell her you will do it after nap time, rest assured she will remind you.
I wonder what is so fascinating about nail polish.. is it that she sees me paint my nails and wants to be like mommy or is it that she likes to see the pretty color on her nails...

A-mode, focal length 20mm, f20, 1/10, ISO 3200
{picture was taken indoors at night.. very low light, I increased the ISO {alot}}
in her little world, life is better with nail polish...

She loves her baby..and when shes not disciplining baby she is shoving a bottle in her mouth or "shsh'ing" her to sleep...
I'm so glad I took a picture of this moment..because in a year or so her baby will no longer be her beloved baby but instead will just be another doll..

doesn't everyone have a picnic lunch with bed head hair?
we think its the hottest new style...

A-mode, focal length 90mm, f4.5, 1/1600, ISO 200

BUSIEST WEEK EVER {and I hated it}

It was a busy week to say the least.. and I really dont like being this busy..
I get so wrapped up in my daily tasks and in the going back and forths that I forget to just take a deep breath and enjoy the precious moments in front of me..

and thats why I love this photograpy experience I'm embarking on..
it makes me
be still
and capture a moment that may have otherwise been lost in the daily grind of our household life..
and remember never to book this many committments in one week..

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