Sunday, September 4, 2016

the fourth

well, two months later and it's finally got it up! :)

I think this fourth of july was my favorite as of yet (but I say that every year). 

amazing food, swimming, laughter, baby bellies, little kids just learning how to swim
tons of sunscreen, good conversations, snoozes by the pool and some of our favorite people.

missing my husband who had to work :(

kind of makes me sad that summer is coming to an end.



Michelle said...

Your photography peeked my interested. What beautiful capture! I am a self-guided learner of photography. What lens are you using to take these shots. I am looking at investing in a new lens and interested in "street photography".


Christina Schergen said...

I love the much we got married a few days before. You take the loveliest photos!!! Boooo for husbands who have to work holidays...mine has to do that too. :( You have a beautiful family!