Friday, June 7, 2013

checking in.

so.. yeah. about my little neglected blog here...
gosh, i've missed it!
i miss updating it, i miss reading blogs and and i miss having time to hop on my computer
for longer then 10 minutes.

i'm not quite sure where to start with the updates so for now
i'll leave you with some pictures and a promise to write some more
and try to fill in the blanks over the last couple of months.


she is 5 months old now and starting to get small little thigh rolls 
we love those. 
on her, of course. 
not on me.
she kills me, she is so darn cute.
my heart explodes into a million little pieces every time she smiles..
you'd think this was my first child with the way I watch over each of her milestones..
but no, this is definitely not my first rodeo :)

sending you big hugs and wishes. be back soon. 



Alicia said...

hey girl! she serious is so adorable. I'd be snapping her picture all day long. you're also giving me some hope that all this gets easier :)

Katie Cook said...


you pretty much make the CUTEST kids alive! She is adorable Flor...and so are you:)

Kelly said...

She is just beyond words cute!

christina said...

glad you popped in...such cuteness and i hear you on chunky still my heart...and lol yes only chunky thighs on babies :)

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

oh myyyyy. i love her. gorgeous!!!!

Amy Lynne said...

SO glad to see that little one and hear from you! Have a great week!