Saturday, September 1, 2012

good-bye august, hello september.

i don't know about you but i'm kinda glad september is here and school has started.
 i'm just looking forward to getting back on a routine that doesn't
include taking 3 kids with me where ever i go.
imagine, taking 3 kids to your pre-natal appointment .. yeah, that doesn't even sound like fun in your head, right? right.
 it sounds bad, but i'm sure that by now my kids are pretty sick of being around me.
but they have to deal with me because i birthed each one of them....baaahaaahaha!
so here is a small little peak of our August via pictures.
all are phone pictures.
what with all these camera pictures, one would never know
that i actually DO have a 'real' camera.
like one of those big-girl dslr cameras. sheesh.

1. i can eat this sandwich all day long. and the more peppercini's and pickles in it, the better. yummers.
2. a meal to a friend who just had a baby. i made it all look pretty in hopes that all the prettiness will distract the family from my mediocre cooking skills.
3. is it wrong to covet my daughters shoes? target, after summer sale. $6. score.
4. put on my cape (ahem, shirt) - wonder mom is in the house.
5. i had a horrible horrible 5 day headache. my little girl was trying to help me ♥
6. it's getting harder to cover up the tummy.
7. updating kids journals. i'm trying really,really hard to keep up
8. soon this little girl will have her own big girl bed {tear}
9. happy birthday my dear friend - you are awesome ♥
1. my version of coffee. called barely-there-coffee. some real good stuff right there.
2. we hit 21 weeks this month! woot woot!
3. his little companions. he takes his little lego men everywhere. and i mean everywhere. even to the bathroom. because you know, i guess lego men need to go to the bathroom too?
4. school started for us. praise the Lord in heaven.
5. at the gym. what? don't tell me you don't take pictures while you at the gym! if you're on instagram then i KNOW you do.
6. multi-tasking. watching my little girl and a friends little boy at the playground while i stretch and work out. even though you can't see them, they are somewhere up there on that play structure.
7. this little girl started pre-school. i *think* i'm a little sad.
8. back to school night. really? you expect my big booty and big belly to sit in that teeny-tiny chair? oh girl, please. not happening.
9. honey apple butter. sent to us directly from God.

1. favorite scripture. it keeps me going.
2. a new bible study i just started. it's intense.
3. backyard camping.. for the record, i did not sleep outside.
4. friends who make this little boy blush because they treat him all special-like. his dimples
only show up when he is extra extra happy.

ok, now tell me, for reals.. are you the slightest bit ready for your kids to
go back to school?
or for this tiresome heat to just go away?
have a wonderful weekend!


Suzanne said...

You are rockin' the baby bump, mamma! And I couldn't be more ready for school to start. Let's go Tuesday, bring it on!!

Alicia said...

enjoy James! i would love to do it, but its a busy time for me with school starting. great pics :) happy september!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I agree, the routine of school is nice to have again. Even though I have 25 six year olds with me all day, it is easier than 3 of my own! Love the thought of your cute preggers self fitting into an itty-bitty chair. You could do it; you're still tiny. : )

Jessica said...

i live for routine! and your baby bump is adorable.