Monday, July 9, 2012

hello monday.

Linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday


Hello my darling niece and Happy Birthday to you!
we miss you lots!
can you please convince your parents to move closer to us?
then we can be neighbors and life would be perfect.

Hello brown.
i don't know if i like it yet.. i'm still getting used to it.
it's really dark.

Hello sisters.
i love getting ready with you all.

Hello post-gym workout.
let's see how long i can hang in there.

Hello beach
we have missed you,
but maybe next time you could be a little warmer.
that would be awesome.

Hello messy kitchen.
i wish you would just clean yourself.

Hello my cute little family.
i just wanna eat you all up, you're all so cute.


it's going to be a busy week in this household!
i've got hundreds of pictures to download from the last couple of weeks,
movies with my sisters,
a field trip for the kids
and plenty of time at the pool since it's suppose to be over 100 degrees this week.
{is it this stinkin' hot where you're at? sheesh}

have a wonderful week :)


Erin said...

What a sweet blog you have! :) And what a beautiful family you have!

Kelly said...

It's so hot here too! And I dont know about you but when we go to the beach it's never warm enough. Hope your having a great week.