Thursday, April 19, 2012

serving others and an ugly truth.

since having kids, serving others has been extremely hard for me to do {isn't that so sad?}
sure, i can help a friend move or make a fellow mom dinner or to help a mother watch her kids while she takes a little time for herself. it feels good to help someone in need, so very good..
so why am i not doing it as often as i should?

i shy away from doing it more because it can overwhelm me {and y'all know i don't do good with stress}.
i start thinking of  the many things i could be doing instead of doing *this* for a person.
it's ugly. real ugly. and i admit it.
i ask myself "how can i possibly help another person, with a sincere and happy heart, when i'm
barely getting along myself?"

you see, that's the thing. when serving someone, am i doing it with a happy and sincere heart?
am i doing it without complaining and without expecting the favor returned back to me?
am i doing it to show just how good of a 'mom' i am?
or to show others how 'kind' i am?

i told you it was ugly.
and if i can't help a person without complaining about it afterwards then i've got some serious issues.
my heart is not in the right place and that's a big problem.
a problem that needs to be prayed about and discussed over with the Lord.

so when i see people helping others, helping their communities, helping people they don't even know
well, it just about makes me hang my head down in shame.
they do it without complaining, without any real expectations - just a heart full of hope and prayers.
how wonderful is it to have ambassadors of Christ here in this physical realm?
ambassadors that serve, as Christ served, others in need.

a local friend from our MOMS group started a non profit organization called Open Hands.. a student from a local school is given the back pack over the weekend. the back pack is filled with food and so the child has food for the weekend (and enough to share with siblings as well).
read about this little adventure of hers here.

you can check out the Open Hands facebook page here and check out the back packs that are provided to the kids. it's so cool. she started it right here, in this small little town in the central valley.

Amanda, with Blocks of Love, is organizing an auction where people can bid for several
items up for grabs (photo sessions, handmade goodies, and so much more).

ambassadors of Christ coming together to help their community. providing children with food.
now how awesome and inspiring is that?

"We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us."
2 Corinthians 5:20

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Lisa @ MMT said...

You are so right about helping others! Unfortunately, I fall into the same category. Lately we've been getting so much help from family and friends, I think it's about time WE help others. Thanks for the encouragement!