Friday, April 20, 2012

friday photo dump {instagram}

hi, my name is flor and i'm an instagram addict.
it didn't take long to become one but once you've done it, you pretty much will never go
back to your normal camera phone.

here's a peek at our week:

grilled turkey and avocado sandwich.
i know what you're thinking.. it looks a little burnt right?
that's kind of how i like my food. it drives my husband crazy but i tend to overcook
most of everything.
which also explains why i'm not the greatest of cooks.


spring sunshine, how we love you.
we miss you and want you to stick around for a while.
and please tell your sisters rain and wind to stay away.


seriously, dude you need a haircut.
but who cares about the hair, i see that cute dimple peeking through.


so cute... in a scruffy kinda of way.


she's taking my picture and telling me to say cheese.
i don't think her dad knew she was using his iphone.


we are kinda like real farmers.. well not really.
a veggie garden but no veggies yet and no soil.
it'll get there eventually. big thanks to the cute scruffy guy in photo #4 for making adding this to the homestead.


drink yo' water!
wow, my kitchen is extra messy.


always the last person to get out the door in the morning. always.
i don't know what it is about her.. it's like she forgets she's suppose to go to school
every morning..i don't get it.


my view this afternoon.
molly, my fern, is taking over. i can feel her trying to reach me as i sit at my computer.
"wwwwaaaatttterrr meeeeee, plllleeeeeaasssseeee."
too busy right now molly, maybe later.


and that, friends, is life over here.
burnt sandwiches, a cute scruffy guy who can make a darn good veggie garden
and a fern that is starting to freak me out.

hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Ioana-Carmen said...

You are so sweet! Would you like to follow each others blog on GFC? XoXo

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I super love the toothless smile. When I taught 1st grade, I'd look at toothless smiles all day long. : ) I can't wait to see the finished garden.

Linda Z said...

Love your spring sunshine photo. And I love that you named your plant!! :) I like to name things, too.

Lisa @ MMT said...

I LOVE instagram too! Seriously, who needs a DSLR camera when you have an iPhone? Well don't tell my hubby that, cause that DSLR was quite expensive ;) Love all your photos! I must find you now so I can follow along all week.

Kelly said...

i just got instagram...addicted!

love all of these.

Erica {let why lead} said...

I have yet to get an iphone, but one day I will totally be doing the instagram posts. I love when bloggers do it because it gives such a fun (and unstyled) peek into their lives. Love those raised garden beds!

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

Everything about the outfit in the second photo is great! And {heart} the veggie garden :)

theolivetree said...

you should see my he needs a hair cut...I dread hair cuts he screams and screams... :) and then screams some more.

ginanorma said...

I am so with you, I think I need help :/