Tuesday, December 6, 2011

our advent calender {this is NOT a 5 minute craft, just so you know}

I really wanted to create an advent calender for my kids last year.
As it always happens during this time of the year, I got really busy and overwhelmed
and wasn't able to do one.
But this year.. I was on it.
I started it at the end of November {that's pretty good for around here}
and was able to get the kids involved...
which explains why it took about 3 days to make.

I tried to use materials that we had around the house:
white foam board
wrapping paper
glitter glue
card stock
and embellishments.


I am not sure exactly what is suppose to be included as presents
on an advent calender so I kind of made up my own.
Little gifts {markers, erasers}, treats, bible verses for them to read and reflect on at
bedtime and activities for all of us to do together.

And while this is not a 5 minute craft by any means 
it works for our little family.

The kids love it...
and the little activities are their favorite so far.

Hannah shared her adorable calender here
and of course, Pinterest has more advent calender ideas then you can possibly think of.

Hope you're enjoying December so far..
it's in the high 50's {low 60's} here during the day time and
that is just too cold for this gal.
Is it spring yet?


sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

Super cute!! I love that you used what you had.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

this is gorgeous!

theolivetree said...

love this!!! I might need to barrow this idea for next year!

Linda Z said...

I love all these calendar posts! Yours is adorable! Very cute colors! :)

I just posted about ours, too. But I got mine at Target! :)

Susan said...

This is definitely the cutest one I've seen! Love it.

Petra said...

hi again (long time, i know) I have been on the lookout for fun and easy advent calendar ideas, and I really like yours. great job to you and your little ones! since we are already into a full week of december, i don't know if I'll get around to putting one together...but maybe next year it'll happen! :-)

P.S. I love your new blog layout, just fabulous! sorry i've been away for so long

Vivian said...

I love this Flor! I used last years advent calendar. But I'm glad we did. No holiday season would be complete without such wonderful tradition!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Cute advent calendar!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

I'm sure your kids will remember this fondly for years to come.

If it makes you feel any better it's a warm 32* here today.....last week it was in the 20's. I'll trade. ;)

Laura said...

This is beautiful! I can't wait to have kids and experience advent with them.

I"m so glad I found your blog (through your home tour at Life Made Lovely). Can't wait to read more.

ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

Such I great idea...I love your blog and your home tour on LML. I think I may try this one next year!