Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wiww - and more random thoughts

I can't believe it's Wednesday already.
I blinked 5 times and the week passed me by.
Or maybe it's my non-existent memory..
I don't quite remember what I did this week.
I know some house cleaning got done {although I'm sure my husband may argue that point}
and the kids were fed and bathed..
and then ..blank.

Totally random:
I need to find out when the we change our clocks back.
I believe it's sometime in October but I'm not sure.
I'm so excited for's one of the highlights of my year. Seriously.
{Even though it means winter is that much closer to arriving}.
Oh well, I'll deal with the cold weather if it means I get an extra imaginary hour in my day.

Here are some outfit pictures I was able to take..

Running errands and housework.
I usually wear this pencil skirt with some wedges or shoes that give me some height but like I've said
before.. I'm learning to embrace my shortness :)
In this case, the priority was comfort.

Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Old Navy, Earrings: Target
I hosted a housewife party for the girls in my MOMS club..
Oh, it was so much fun..
More to come later about this little fun party.

My apron-that-I-wish-was-a-dress.
It makes cooking slightly more bearable.
And that drink.. it's a MOM-osa.
A non-alcoholic mimosa.. genius, isn't it?!

Apron: Pier 1, Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Marshalls {old}

My friend came over to take some pictures
for a little project I was working on.
And of course, I bribed her so that she would take an outfit picture for me.
Dinner in exchange for some pictures.
I, personally, think I got the better end of the deal
but I didn't tell her that.

Housework and errands {I think}

Dress & necklace: Target {gifted}, Shirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Old Navy, Ring & hat: H&M

And right after this picture,
I walked into the house
and returned back to reality:
5 hungry kids {3 were my own} who were waiting for dinner
and a house that looked like Toys 'R' Us had puked in it.

Linking up to What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy!


Four Flights said...

You look great! I love your style, especially the last outfit. Visiting from WIWW :)

Amy said...

I love your "poses" for your photos. I need to find time to do something more than remembering to take my photo before I go to bed in my dark house.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

I love the apron, and all of the shoes, of course!

Cate said...

Great pics this week - and that apron is amazing!!
Cate @

DaenelT said...

Love the shoes and the apron. You take the cutest pictures.

Heather said...

Seriously, you are gorgeous! And I love your style! Oh and that apron is to die for :) xo

Linda Z said...

Toy r Us puke... that totally made me laugh! :) That apron is adorable and I love the chambray and fedora... such a great pairing! :)

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

cute cute pictures....girl you know how to do it right! i love all the outfits...and the shoes with your apron! amazing..i think i need some.


Natalia Lynn said...

You're so cute! Love the fedora! And I am totally with you with the forgetting what you did. I forget EVERYTHING. It kinda stinks to have no memory, ugh!

Jason and Kate said...

I need a cute apron like that. HOw adorable. My favorite picture is the last one. So simple, cute, flirty, and fun. Love the hat too. I"m always looking for ways to wear mine.


Mindie Hilton said...

Your apron is adorable and that's coming from a girl that has way to many. Love your last outfit and the hat is fab.

This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.
I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.

Thanks for you time and hope to see you soon.

Jodi said...

"...Toys R Us had puked in it" - hahaha I know exactly what that looks like!
Great outfits (and apron!) - I love the pencil skirt with sandals! You are adorable ALWAYS. (Dang you ;)

simpledaisy said...

You're just adorable! I love your outfits! So fun and cute:)

Susan said...

Not sure how I missed adorable you yesterday!
That apron is so pretty as are all your outfits. Very nice.

DeeAnna said...

OOOh I want a dress made out of that apron too! Love your photos!