Monday, August 22, 2011

a sweet lil' birthday gift.

Last week Isabella attended a small birthday party for one of her little friends who just turned 2 years old.

Totally random:
Terrible two's hit me hard with all three of my kids. They were constantly testing me and it was really difficult for them to express themselves with words so they just expressed themselves with fits of temper. So NOT sweet and enjoyable. But I come equipped with memory auto-delete. Any experience that is too traumatic {like the terrible two phase} is automatically deleted from memory storage. Which is probably why I'm still somewhat sane.

On that note, I'm wishing my friend lots of luck with her daughters 2 year old stage :)

So I made Miss A. a little something for her room.  A yarn puff bunting and a fabric embroidery hoop.

I'm sure she has no idea what this is {and probably isn't very exciting for her}.. but it was made with lots of love. And with a hot glue gun...which by the way, gives you big fat blisters if it happens to land on your skin.

But it's ok. It was worth it for our little friend.

And after I made this little gift, I stepped out of my little craft room and into my kitchen and made the
best dinner my family has ever had. Because I'm just the best housewife on the block.

What? Sound too good to be true?
Of course it is.

Here's MY reality:

And 3 days later it still looks like this.

UPDATE- P.S. Linking up with Heather at Life Made Lovely {the cutest little blog}. Check out all the other lovely things others have posted! :)


little macaroon. said...

Hi Flor! Thanks for stopping by my marshmallow post - I'm well envious that you have a craft room (my excuse for not making such adorable little gifts for my daughter or her friends). Trust me, the marshmallows are a lot easier than what you made - give 'em a go!

Moomser said...

Tonight I'll dream of all the wonderful creations I could make if I had a craft room... of course I don't have a craft room because I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but a girl can wish! Lovely present!

{Amy} said...

cute, i love your little project!

Megan said...

haha too funny and thanks for showing us the your reality, because that is exactly what my whole house looks like most of the time lol. I have a 16 mo old little girl nicknamed the "baby tornando"! I love your project, very cute!

andi said...

so cute! and i love that you are keeping it real, girl. we all have this same situation--at least i do!


Sincerely Abi said...

What a beautiful gift - a lovely decoration for her room that will grow with her! Fun!

meg + andy said...

This cracked me up! thanks for being real. ;) And i love this bunting- i've never seen anything like it with the yarn puffs and the sweet little paper bunting tags- so precious and unique- its sure it set that little 2yr old out on the right foot for this year! (my 2 yr olds were tough too!)

Jennifer said...

what a sweet it!! :)

Vicki said...

Love the sweet gifts--both of them! (And I love your last photo!!)

Bethany said...

Yes, I agree with Megan! Love the yarn puff bunting... really love the fact that I'm not the only one who has crafting messes still sitting around days later!

Jami said...

I LOVE your reality, and I love that project! So sweet!
PS: I'm in the terrible 3s right now! HELP!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

your project is so cute (i love me some yarn balls!) and i'm sure she will love looking at it in her room.
p.s. my daughter is 2 right now and she is very, very good at it. OY!

theolivetree said...

adorable!! I can handle the testing of boundary with the terrible is the whining that gets me...the constant talking of

kirstin & jordan said...

haha! love the bunting, and LOVE the mess. my craft room pretty much always looks like that. :)
kirstin @ kojo