Thursday, July 28, 2011

it's like a ghost town around here.

Do you hear that?
It's so quiet around here.
Absolute silence.
I can actually hear my own thoughts and take my time to write this blog post.
 What's the big deal? you say.
I'll tell you what the big deal is about. My kids are gone to grandma's house for an entire week.
Yep, one week.
I'd like to say I'm happy about them being gone.. and a part of me is. They have missed their grandparents and really needed time away with them. But I'm also a little lonely without them. My entire day revolves around them and when they aren't here I'm kind of... lost.
Isn't it funny how that happens to us mothers? I mean, what did we do before kids? What did we do when we actually had some time on our hands?
Well, don't ask me. I have no idea. I'm still trying to grasp the fact that I can eat cereal 3x's a day if I want to.

I've promised myself that my time away from them will be productive. I will be efficient. And I will get things done.

small side note: In case you haven't noticed already.. I don't really follow any grammatical rules. I tend to make up my own words and misspell words on occasion (such as the word 'embarrasssing' on my to do list above. Just go with it.} 

I've got some lunch and dinner dates scheduled with friends. And a day get-a-way planned with my husband.
But I just know that I'm going to miss these little ones like crazy.

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Jessica said...

mama time is wonderful. and it is especially sweet when the kiddos can be bonding with family.

i love it when my mother in law comes to town. i enjoy the me time, but even more i enjoy that jake and grandma are having time : )