Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i'm scared & wiww.

I just got back home from a movie night at a friends house. Scary movie night.
And you should know that I don't do well with scary movies. I bite my nails and hide behind pillows the
entire time. It's nerve-wrecking and stressful. And I want nothing to do with them.
But I couldn't convince the girls to watch a chick flick and I was outnumbered.

As I sit here and type out this post, I swear I think I am hearing noises.
I will be sleeping with my light on all night that's for darn sure.


Linking up to WIWW {What I Wore Wednesday} at the Pleated Poppy!

Playgroup at a friends house, swimming, and errands. You know, the normal stuff.
And I don't think I was happy about something. Not sure what it was but I may or may not have
been yelling at someone in this second picture.

And the bottom of this romper makes me look like I'm pregnant because of the high waist {don't worry husband, I'm not}.
Romper: Marshall's, Shoes, Belt: Target, Cardigan: Forever 21


The most comfortable shirt ever! And it hides the tummy very well.
My kind of shirt.

Shirt: Old Navy {'10}, Jacket: Marshall's, Shorts, Necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Old Navy
{that little white streak at the top of my hair  is driving absolutely bonkers!}


Wore this little outfit to church and it was so comfortable.
These cute little white cropped pants are really comfortable.
And the best part is that I got them on sale at Gap {$15}.
I really worry about wearing cropped pants because well, you know.. I'm short.
And they tend to make a short person look even shorter.
But they seemed to work this time.

Shirt, pants: Gap, Shoes: Target {old}


I spent about an hour taking pictures of our kids at a friends orchard.
I was
feeling gross.
and I think a bug crawled up my shorts.

These shorts will soon be retired.
They just aren't  the appropriate "mommy" length any more as much as I try to convince myself that they are.
Oh gosh, nothing compares to an old pair of broken-in cut off shorts  {even if they are slightly uneven} <sigh>

Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes, Belt: Old Navy, Shorts: so old I can't remember.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has been wearing..

Have a great week!


Amy said...

You're not alone, I'm such a scaredy cat with scary movies too.

You look fab in the white pants and stripped shirt! I really need to get some stripped shirts.

As for the cut offs, if you're comfortable in them, wear them! They look cute on you and white you are still young and have a great body, do what you want! We're unfortunately not getting any younger(although I pretend not to be).

Melissa, SoChick! said...

Great outfits! I love scary movies even though I'm scared to pieces afterwards and needing to sleep with lights on, AND under the covers.

Love that romper! I've yet to try one, but think they are so cute. The white pants are great, too!

Sarah@totalbassetcase said...

I love those white pants! I think they look great! And on sale, even better!

Jessica said...

I am such a chicken when it comes to scary movies!!!! I can't handle them, my husband eats it up and goes out of his way to scare me for days after I have watched one!

I totally have those little denim shorts and I am in LOVE with them. However, I do question how age appropriate they are every single time I put them on. You know what though, if you can rock them...then rock them!

Love all of these looks : )

Sara said...

DO NOT retire those shorts!! They are so cute and don't look inappropriate at all <3 You just look precious and perfect in them.

My two cents anyway ;)

--Sara Sophia

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha- that is funny, I'm the exact same way when I watch scary movies! I'm such a chicken.

Love your outfits but I disagree with you on the last outfit. I think those shorts are very mom appropriate :)

Jodi said...

Can't watch scary movies? I can't even watch the previews! I would have soooo been outa there! :)
As to the outfits, I just love your style. And clothes. Especially the romper and the Marshall's jacket in the second pic. Even love the uneven shorts :)