Friday, July 22, 2011

a little dessert social.

Our neighbors had a little dessert social gathering at their house last night {can you imagine? Just desserts}.
My neighbor has spent most of his summer cleaning up his back yard and preparing it for new grass and pretty flowers.
Yes, we are simple folk.
We celebrate things like a new grass and flowers, and spacious backyards around here.
But more then that, it's wonderful to see the fruits of a person's labor. And boy, is it wonderful fruit.
I know, from firsthand experience, how time consuming these backyard "projects" are but how very important they are for a family and house. My husband has devoted endless time and energy into pretty-fying up ours up.
And we are so grateful.

Our evening in pictures:

And you'd think with it being a dessert social I would have taken some pictures of the desserts, right?
That would be a negative.
No pictures of any of the wonderful desserts.
I just didn't want to make you drool all over your computer.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and and find an excuse to have
your very own dessert social.
And just remember to take pictures of the goods :)


Jennifer said...

looks fun!!

Jessica said...

How fun!

I have a nice big back yard, that is just sitting there. It has so much potential! Maybe once I get it all organized, and it is no longer over 100 degrees here, I will have a dessert social : ) My super sweet tooth thinks that is a great idea!

I love those red and white shoes! They look very comfy and nautical, super cute!

Whitney Jay said...

I think a backyard is a PERFECT thing to celebrate, I can't wait to have one... one day.


Amy said...

How nice that you hang out with your neighbors! Mine have mentioned doing a progressive party one night but I don't think anyone is willing to sort out the details. Maybe next year when I can actually get some work done in my yard to make it prettier.

Oh, thanks for putting up the google follow so I can follow you now! ♥