Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Finally. Our favorite time of the year has arrived.
SUMMER!! {woot woot!}

And now,
a little love letter to our favorite season.

Dear Summer,
How we've missed you.
We are so happy to have you visiting us for the next 3 months.
Please do not take offense at the curses thrown your way when it reaches 100 degrees.
You see, it's because people actually start to melt at that temperature
and really, sweat is not attractive.

We appreciate and love the bounty you bring to us each year.
Fresh watermelon, beautiful summer evenings,

swimming, summer bbq's, outdoor dining, bike rides
and cute little kids in cute bathing suits
{that I wish were made in my size}.

We will do our very best to enjoy you...

Your Fans,
Our Family

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