Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovin' WIWW!

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and emails about my first WIWW post last week!
It was something I've been wanting to do for a while now and I finally did it!

And so now..
here we go again!

Another round of WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) at The Pleated Poppy.

It's been a lot of fun doing this and it's been a big eye opener for me...
Something I've learned.. just because I feel comfortable in it, doesn't mean it will look good.
{reference picture #3 below}.

And as much as I enjoy dressing up {instead of dressing down} I still can not get over how awkward it is to take a picture.
But this time, I'm steppin' up my game.
I've enlisted the help of my husband and 7 year old daughter to take pictures.
Because, really, the taking-a-picture-in-the-mirror-thing was just not working for me.
And it's really hard to position the mirror so that I don't catch a glimpse
of the complete chaos that is our bedroom right now.
But that's an entirely different post.. something to do with cleaning and organization...
and that's not as much fun as an outfit post.

Hanes T-Shirt, Shorts: old jeans that I cut, Shoes: Love Culture

Going to playgroup at the park.
Lovin' those striped shoes...they are my new favorite shoes.
And so very comfortable.

Now, I'd like to take a moment and address my cut off shorts.
I'm a California girl and us California girls {well most of us I think}
love us some cut off shorts.
But I think I'm getting to an age where they may not be acceptable any more.
I don't know, I'm still trying to figure it out.
But in the mean time,
I'm still wearing them.
And that's that.

Cardigan: gifted, Shoes: ?, Skirt: Forever 21, Belt: H&M

Baby shower outfit.
This skirt has some serious stretch.
It's the perfect skirt to wear when you've eaten too many
cake pops and still need to able to breathe. Yes, its perfect.

And disregard the look on my face.. I was in the middle of an argument heated discussion
with my husband and I was irritated.
How's that for multi-tasking? Discussing our life issues and posing for an outfit picture.
In hindsight, maybe not the best combination but we got it figured out.

And I'm sure I won that discussion.

Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Love Culture, Hat: H&M,

A dress or shirt you ask?
Well, I thought it was a dress
until I saw these pictures and realized..hmmm, maybe it is suppose to be a shirt.
And I wore this to my daughters dance class.. gosh, but it sure was comfy.

Jeans: Express, Shoes: Wet Seal {last year}, Shirt: Target, Earrings: Forever 21

Can't really tell in this picture but I got a serious sunburn going on.
I should know better by now, but  I neglected to reapply sunscreen while at the pool today.

Just looking at this picture makes my sunburn hurt even  more.
But I do love those earrings and those shoes are so very gladiator-ish and fun!

Thanks for taking a look!

And now, excuse me while I go ransack my house for aloe vera lotion. 


Leslie said...

I am totally a shoe girl and all of your shoes caught my eye. Those Wet Seal shoes are amazing! Your outfits are great too!

I found your blog via the pleated poppy

Alissa said...

I'm with you on getting over the awkwardness of picture-taking. But you totally knocked it out of the park! I need to continue work on my poses. :)

Love all the outfits and the easy way you add accessories. The H&M hat is adorable!

Paige said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Amber said...

Great outfits, jean shorts look great on you and that little dress with the hat is perfect. I want all your shoes as well please, have a lovely week and don't forget the sun cream. ax

Amy said...

You are so cute, I love your style! I think that the cut off shorts are in again because I'm seeing them everywhere, they look great on you!
I also just started WIWW and I can relate to it feeling awkward to have you picture taken and without a messy background. :) said...

Love the pictures - and I love your shoes!

Conni said...

I love the white top with the shorts, and again the white tank with the jeans, there is something about that combo the is classic.

Thanks for sharing

I Sew Lucky said...

The white tank with the jeans is my favorite!

Petra said...

You rock the cut offs! This Cali girl says go for it as long as you can! :-D Thanks so much for the comment last week. My blog is getting some love finally...this posting gets hard to do on a more reg basis, but I'm trying.

Paige said...

You look great! Love the outfits!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Tried leaving a comment earlier but I think it messed up while I was doing all of the outfits but especially the red & white striped shoes, the Forever 21 dress, & the whole last outfit! So cute!

Shannon Olson said...

I love the look so cute!
I found you on Pleated Poppy =)

momstheword said...

Well if you didn't win the argument at least you rocked it, lol! I don't think you're to old for cutoffs, you look adorable in them.

Today was my first day linking up to the meme, and it IS hard taking those pictures. Yours are much better than mine, girl!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

You look ADORABLE and classic in the cut offs! Keep RAWKIN' 'em!

Melissa, SoChick! said...

I'm visiting from Pleated Poppy, a day late, I know! I love the cutoffs.. I think as long as they're an acceptable length, it doesn't matter how old you are... at least that is what I'll keep telling myself. And those striped shoes.. Love!


CaseyWiegand said...

you are beautiful friend!!!!!!!

Sharde said...

hopped over from WIWW! love it girl. :)

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