Friday, June 10, 2011

lessons learned & remember to hang on to the girls..

It's Thursday..
And Thursday in my world means
PLAYGROUP TIME {woot! woot!}

Now, I know that "playgroup" sounds like an excuse
for us moms to just get together and chit chat.
And yes, we most certainly do that. No denying that.

But I'd like to think
that these playgroup friends of mine have had a hand
in the raising of my kids.

Through them I have learned:

1. how to successfully potty train my 3 kids {hello? cheerios in the toilet.. works wonders for little boys}

{random pictures from playgroup today}

2. how to discipline my children {time out, use a firm voice when disciplining, spanking or no spanking?}
3. when Target is having a sale on kids clothes.

4. to not stress out when my child gets a stain on her shirt. Accidents happen, just go with it

5. to remain calm when my child is throwing a colossal temper tantrum.

6. how to discipline with love.

7. to enjoy my kids even when they are at their worst {and believe me, it has gotten real bad}. It will soon pass.

And most importantly

8. to just have fun.

{And for the record.. the last picture in which my booty is sticking out..
that was my special booty dance in between skips - to show off my mad jump romping skills}.

And remember to hold onto the *girls* when having fun, were not as young as we once were.

For those that didn't compete it in the jump rope competition..
it's on girlfriends.
Start practicing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..
all you MOMS rock!  :)

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mommy skonovd said...

lol! LOVED the jumping pics! you girls were having some great fun!