Friday, June 17, 2016

[garden] - little sprouts

we've been anxiously waiting for our little green beans to sprout and 
this past week they finally did!
Camila looks after them like she's getting paid to do it.. she waters them daily
and checks in on them every evening. 
if it wasn't for my neighbor I know I wouldn't have attempted them this year (or ever). 
she bought me the green bean seeds, gave me her extra trellis and short
of digging up the space, she pretty much told me what to do.

our garden is on a delayed schedule this year - we planted late.. but soon enough
we'll have zuchinni, peppers, watermelon, melon (crossing my fingers with those little
guys) and tomato's. and we officially are never going to try to grow
strawberries again. ever.
we have bad luck with them and we just can't handle the disappointment when
we don't see any coming in.

feeling so very thankful for: 
our little garden space, 
my husband who work so hard to help me with it, 
little hands that are willing to help
encouraging advice


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