Friday, June 8, 2012

so, it's been a while.

oh blog, how i've missed you.
it's been too long, way too long.. and in the mean time
i've discovered that blogger has changed the main page layout for creating posts.
it pretty much took me about an hour to figure out how to create a post.

the month of may just  flew by.. i'd like to think that i remember
most of it but the truth is.. i really don't.
I do remember the kids last day of school though..only because i cried tears of joy that day.

no more morning drop offs or after school pick ups  for two and a half months.. that would make any mother walk around with a big fat smile all day. even at walmart.

i'm not exactly sure where i left off before..

did i tell you that i 'ran' in a mud run? it was pretty much awesome and such
a wonderful experience. i, along with a couple of my friends and my sister, did it together..
just for fun and just to say that we did it.
if you have a chance to join one.. do it. you'll enjoy the experience..
but you'll have mud coming out of your hair and pores for days and days even after several showers.

1. my first mud run and possibly my last.
2. nap time {with ALL of her toys}
3. my mothers day gift - a car wash by my kids. i think they talked more then they worked.
4. this kid has some serious dance moves.

so you know about my addiction to instagram, right?
well, it's even worse now.. i just really enjoy to see little snippets
of everyone's day in pictures.
and you know what's even better? it makes me feel like a really cool 'photographer' :)
{if you have instagram, please pretty please, leave me your user name so i can follow you.
let's grow our addiction together, why don't we?}

1. smoothies - one for me, one for my little one.
2. my littlest turned 3 and got another baby doll. this one pees her pants. just what we needed around here.
3. a little photo session - taking pictures of my niece for a big event coming up.
4. teacher gifts - very easy embroidery. after all, their attention span is only like 10 seconds long.

and now, I introduce you to

it was put together rather quickly.. and i had to find some ideas online but
we did it!
woot woot!!
and now, i've got to figure out a way to do all these activities this summer..
i may end up regretting this later, i just know it.

feels good to be back again.. posting pictures, writing {because you know, i'm an excellent writer. ha!}
and catching up with blog friends.

have a wonderful Friday :)

{ok, and now i have to figure out how to publish this post.
it's really not cool to change things around on a person while they are on vacation}


Vivian said...

Oh Flor, I got invited to sign up for a mud race happening at the end of August and because I won't be in town I didn't and I'm sad now. Everyone tells me how fun they are. As far as Instagram...I didn't want to join. How could I possibly keep up with it in addition to blogging, pinterest, facebook, etc...etc but I did and I am HOOKED. Let's follow each other: viviancatten :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love the summer list! I keep adding fun things to ours. I am spencer3boys on instagram. : )

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

I was about to do a mud run this summer with my sister, but found the COLOR RUN was coming ... uhm, yes please ... I'll take paint over mud :).
I love your blog and would love to follow you on Instagram ... what is your handle? Mine is KnittyBitties.

Happy Weekend/Happy Summer!!

Linda Z said...

Good to see you back! That Blogger reconfiguration messed me up, too, but now I'm pretty used to it. :)

My Instagram name is mrsz500 (I think). I don't do it a lot, but I like looking at other people's photos! I'll follow you! :)

Love your bucket list. We were just starting on one this morning. We've got a lot of fun ideas so far!! :) Here's to a great summer! :)

And great job on the mud run!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Yay! I missed seeing your post!
Looks like you have been busy! The mud run sounds awesome! We are running a 5k next weekend. I am just hoping it's not 90 degrees like today!
What a great list of summer things to do. It looks like you guys will be having a fun summer together!
I'm on instagram, and love it too! @lisa_mommasmetime

Denise said...

create a silly holiday! that is one i am going to add to our not-yet-done-summer-fun-list!

mud+run=NO WAY!