Saturday, April 14, 2012

catching up

just got back from a very-quick, mini, vacation and my laundry pile is off the hook.
it really needs to be done and since my husband cleaned up the house
while we were gone, i know i can't ask him to do laundry.
i'll try to bribe him but i'm pretty sure he got his fill of housework this week..

it's so nice to just get away sometimes. to just get out of your house for a while
so that you can actually miss it. i come back feeling refreshed and motivated, i love that feeling.
and now i'm feeling motivated to tackle some of those ongoing projects that have been
pending for a while.

i know this is totally off the topic but did you know that Instagram is now
available for Android phones? yes, my friends it's true.
and guess who has an Android phone? yes, yours truly.
and I'm in photo-heaven.

(husband missed us)

at some point, I've got to find some time to transfer my pictures
from my memory cards (& phone) onto my external hard drive.

but that's a project for another day
or i'll just wait till my husband gets to it.

actually, maybe i'll just put it on his to do list.


this weekend i'm going to catch up on blogs, 
vacuum my stairs and get some quiet time in.
have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

instagram for android has made my day too :) LOVE it!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

love the sign.

Heather said...

welcome to instagram!!! :) have a great weekend, flor!

theolivetree said...

glad you got a break!! I banded my husband from doing laundry...he means it causes more problems then help :)

Linda Z said...

Glad you got some time away! :) Instagram is fun... I need to use it more!