Tuesday, January 10, 2012

as I sit here and type this my anxiety is at a level 10.
and slowly rising.

tomorrow morning my little one has a dental appointment.
a big dental appointment..
one that involves sedation and xrays and some routine dental work.

i'm super nervous about it but know that it's best that it be done all at one time.
my friends have provided me with comforting words and advice all day long
and I'm confident that the doctors know what they are doing
and that my daughter will be fine.
but the worry is still there.
maybe it's because I have to take her in by myself..
my husband has to be at work tomorrow and isn't able to go with me.

I admit it.. I'm weak.
I will most likely cry
and bribe her
and bite my nails.
the funny thing is that this little one is the bravest of us all.
she doesn't cry when she gets her shots and can hang with the bigger kids just fine.
she wrestles, she plays hard and can take a tumble and get right back up.
it's just too bad she has a crybaby as a mother :)

I just can't wait till tomorrow is over and done with
so that i can finally take a good deep breath, relax and
snuggle up to this little cutie.

hoping that your day tomorrow is better then mine :I


Ramona Iordan said...

hang in there! it will soon be done and over with! have a great week!

Amy said...

HUGS to you!! Kids are so resilient and amazing, I hope you are able to feed off that and be strong.

Jennifer said...


theolivetree said...

There is absolutely 100% nothing wrong with bribing!!bribe away friend, bribe away.

I have such anxiety about the dentist when I have to go and I am supposed to be a grown-up ... lol.

If it makes you feel better my daughter knocked out her bottom tooth on her brothers head over Christmas now she just has to wait a year for her big tooth to grow in...lol...funny now at the time I wanted to cry.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

Aw, I'll be thinking of you! When my eldest was 6 she had to have 4 cavities filled! After convincing myself that I won the award for worst mom of the year, we went to the appt and she was a trooper! I was way more scared about it than she and did a terrible job of hiding the fact. ;-)

Linda Z said...

OH, she is soooo cute! I hope everything is going well. That is hard. :(

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your strength. Isabella will be in good hands.

anna said...

these are darling photos... i am so glad that things turned out well with her procedure! cute blog, too! i'm excited to be a new follower!