Monday, November 7, 2011

on my mind.

Oh, I wish I could be a part of The Happy Day Project over at Joy's Hope!
I love how a group of girls came together with this idea and this wonderful little project
was created.

happy day

To be used as an instrument of God to spread a little love in this world..
it's just so inspiring.

Monday's free printable is already up as well as
the daily "happy" task for the day and a charity highlight.

My entire body hurts today.
Feels like I've been hit by a couple of trucks.
That's what a back to back gym workout will do to a person..
spin class for an hour and then body sculpt.
I don't think I can feel my legs at this point.
Hmm.. does that mean I don't have to cook dinner?

We went to watch my nieces volleyball game last week and loved watching her play.
My oldest wants to play volleyball now which I think is great but..
why are their shorts SO short??

Daylight Saving Time was this Sunday.
I personally love it.. for some reason, I feel as if that extra hour makes a difference.
My energy is up and I become very motivated.. hence the workout-that-almost-killed-me today.
But not motivated enough to do my dishes.. those are still sitting in my sink.

I think I've become a homebody.
I don't want to leave my house.
It's nice and cozy and there are always a dozen different projects I could be working on
{or finishing up}.
I've got about 3 different sewing projects I'm working on, 2 house projects a-brewing {that includes a painting project} and 2 home decor projects that need to get done.
And I've got to start thinking of homemade Christmas gift ideas.
I think I just stressed myself out after typing all that out..

Aly posted this on Saturday.
It's wonderful and I think every one of us can relate. I'm sure we have all
gone through those periods where we just don't know what to do.

She said it so well,
"if you're scrambling for answers right now, i'd encourage you to stop and fix your eyes on Jesus. pray, cry out, simply be in His presence, read His word."
"...but most of the time i just need God's Truth to fill my mind instead of the lies that can often echo so much louder. even if you don't find answers, wisdom, clarity, you will most certainly find peace."

And friends, that peace that you will find when you grow closer to Him
makes all the difference. It allows you to wake up in the morning and face whatever
the day may bring.

Wow, I can't believe how quickly I was able to type out this post.
It's amazing how fast I'm able to do this when I don't include pictures..
but it kind of feels wierd to me.
A post without pictures?
It's kind of like going out in public without a bra on..
you feel kind of naked.

Well, this post feels naked.

I'll make sure to post pictures next time :)

Have a wonderful week!


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theolivetree said...

so true about the volleyball I am a huge homebody...I get way more done when I stay I guess it is a good thing;)