Monday, October 31, 2011

wanna swap buttons?

You know what I love about blog surfing?
All the cute little blog buttons that can be found on the blog owners sidebar.

I'm sure you all know how it works.. you're visiting your favorite blog
then you see a pretty little blog button on the side that looks cute and interesting.
You click on it..
Et voila!
Your taken to an entirely new blog and decide to check it out.
I can whittle away many of my hours doing this
{which probably explains why my sink is always full of dishes}

Each blog button is like a little window into another persons life.
You find out who they are,
what they do,
what they believe in.
You meet their families
and you become immersed into their lives.
Just with a little click of a button.
I love it.

And I want to do it here at my place
{first time ever peeps, I'm so proud of myself}

If you're interested in swapping blog buttons send me an email
and I'll get it right up over there on my side bar
{which is completely empty right now}.

You send me your blog button,
I send you mine.
And then we pretty much become friends after that.

All swap friends will have the opportunity to post a guest post here
so that we can get to know you better :)


Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Sent you an email! Happy Monday!

helloannabeth said...

i absolutely love your blog! i found it through your guest post on Enough Faith for Today. i love how you discuss your faith on your blog. and your pictures are adorable. i love photoblogs, i have one myself, and i'm so glad i found yours! thanks for writing! :)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Or harvest rather if that's how you roll! We're about candied out around here!

ReMadeSimple Kristina said...

Love your blog and I'm sending you an email...I already had your code copied and ready to paste on my side bar before I saw this! What an encouraging blog.